Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Law's Proper Place In A Free Society

     For most public servants of the past that served in congress and the White House, politics were the necessary means to a principled end. And while they may have actually enjoyed and excelled at the contest of political chess, their ultimate goal was to advance the cause of the people in the best ways possible. Barack Obama and most of Democrat party modernity sees politics as the end to its own means. They exist to destroy their political opposition, not debate them, and to grow government for its own propagation, not for the benefit of the governed.
     Since the Republicants won the 2010 mid-term elections, which gave them control of the House of Representatives in January of 2011, Democrats' favorite refrain has been to call them the "do nothing congress." They of course neglect the fact that Democrats control half of congress with their majority in the Senate, but then reality and truth has meant less and less to Democrats with each passing year. Republicants have tried to run away from this label, but should instead embrace it.
     The moniker of Do Nothing Congress is a compliment because the limited damage that may occur from congress doing nothing is far more preferable to the unlimited damage that congress can do by enacting bad legislation. To Witt: The Affordable Care Act, which has reached its tentacles of tyranny into every aspect of what was once the best health care industry in the world, and has set it on the path to becoming the equal of much more inferior health care systems throughout the world.
      With the literally hundreds of thousands of pages of legislation written by the Obama administration added to the existing Federal laws, the number is so great that academics, lawyers, and those in government have not even been able to accurately count them. One has to wonder why new laws are even passed. But then the answer to that question is self-evident: legislators who do not legislate are like clowns who do not wear rubber noses, colorful wigs, and big floppy shoes. Actually that is an image that is more apropos to those who have recently represented us in congress, especially in the Democrat party, than any performer at a circus or a child's birthday party.
     When a nation has burdened itself with so many laws that no one can even count them, then that nation ceases to be a nation of laws and becomes a nation for laws. And when liberty is strained under the yoke of such a burdensome amount of laws, she is made impotent in advancing the human condition, liberty being necessary to that task. Laws are a necessary cog in the wheel of a prosperous and free society, but when they become the only cog, it renders the wheel of that society useless. We can hardly survive as a free nation being smothered by draconian laws, both in scope and number.

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