Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Renaming Earth Day

     Today is "Earth Day," the time when arrogant Leftists try to spread their delusional thinking that the planet somehow needs them to survive, instead of the other way around, to as many unsuspecting persons as possible. They don their hemp clothing, fill their cloth shopping bags with "natural" snacks and bottled water, then head to their local celebration. The object of "Earth Day" is to make the attendees feel a twisted sense of superiority over those who do not attend, because the non-attendees obviously do not care about "Mother Earth" as much as those who slip on some disgusting sandals, tie-dye tee shirts, put their children into a cloth wagon, and stumble to the altar of human arrogance and hubris like some envirozombies.
     "Earth Day"  should be renamed "Brutally murder your girlfriend and stuff her lifeless body into a trunk---day," because that is exactly what the founder of Earth Day, Ira Einhorn, did to Holly Maddux. Ira fled the country, and with financial support from the Hollywood Left, managed to escape justice for 25 years. The Ira Einhorn story is educative of the total moral void that exists among the Left. Because on the Left, it does not matter what sort of heinous crime you commit, as long as you recycle, all your sins are forgiven.
     The church of Leftism requires of its members no strict moral code or adherence to a set of principles or values, only belief in their manufactured crises and sacraments of death. Not only the death of unwanted children, but the death of common sense, natural law, reason, and probity. The modern day environmental cult is exemplary of my preceding statement insomuch as it is not based on any science, but on politics and ideology.
      I do not know, maybe old Ira was trying to help "Mother Earth" by keeping the population to a minimum, starting with eliminating his girlfriend. And maybe those Hollywood elites that supported him on the lamb all those years he was living it up in Europe, thought that the life of one girl was insignificant compared to the continued freedom of the creator of "Earth Day." And maybe all those envirozombies that make their pilgrimage each year to "Earth Day" celebrations around the country are as ignorant of Ira's crime as they are of the lack of any scientific evidence to support their faith. Let others do as they may, I am going to "celebrate" Earth Day by going to work and thanking God, the creator of the earth, for his blessing of the resources and beauty he has bestowed upon us on every day.   

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