Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Self-Delusion Of The Left

     A friend of mine has recently made me aware of a situation that exemplifies the unwillingness, lack of desire, and inability of the Left to solve problems, even in their own communities. Instead they opt for symbolism over substance and deliberate misdirection of community energies toward feel-good events instead of the hard work of solving real problems. This attitude is present in the national politics of the Left as well as in local groups, and it is why, with the dominance of the Left in our culture, problems go unsolved, while those who put their faith in such non-remedies feel as though they are really helping their communities.
     My friend owns rental property in the Cleveland inner-city and has always tried to continually improve his properties as well as the communities in which his properties exist. He recently joined a community group whose purpose was to address problems in the neighborhood like crime, dilapidated properties and general urban blight in their area. The group is comprised of all Leftists except for my friend.
     My friend's neighborhood group has sponsored events having to do with art and culture, and  attended by them and their friends. Basically this community group has paid for their own entertainment using public funds earmarked for "community improvement." When my friend suggests solutions to real problems being experienced in the neighborhood, they look at him like he is from outer space. I guess the hard work of solving societal problems is too much for them, and they would rather delude themselves that they are making a difference by sponsoring and attending "art walks," "parties in the park," and wine-swilling soirees.
     My friend's neighborhood group is exemplary of the Lefts practice of addressing real problems by diverting taxpayer money to their own private ego-builders. Programs and events that make the participants feel as though they are making a difference in people's lives, without actually having to do the hard work of making a difference. It is this lack of desire to do the sometimes uncomfortable work of real community improvement that has lead to the two most helped groups by Leftist policy over the last fifty years, Native Americans and blacks, to be the most impoverished groups in our society.
     The individuals in my friend's neighborhood group are illustrative of the Leftist ethos that lives in denial and self-congratulatory ardor for ideas that range from solving urban blight by planting "community gardens" to solving crime by sponsoring "midnight basketball." It is all designed to make the Leftists feel good about being "involved" without ever having to go into the belly of the root causes of their communities problems. It is this arms length approach to community improvement that keeps the community from actually improving, while allowing the Leftist to continue their delusions of being "part of the solution."

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