Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ObamaCare, A Boom For Democrat Voter Registration

     It is a well known fact, or maybe it isn't by those who are politically and culturally unaware, that part of the welfare application process is voter registration. For years, welfare caseworkers have been acting as Democrat party voter registrars by helping recipients of taxpayer money register to vote, and in some cases, actually doing it for them. The caseworkers, as part of their mission to help the poverty-stricken and underprivileged (and to secure their own jobs), then tell welfare recipients to vote for people with a "D" after their name in order to keep the gravy train of taxpayer-subsidized benefits flowing.
     The Obama administration has taken the model of Democrat voter registration in the welfare system, and amped it up for ObamaCare. Not only is voter registration part of the application to receive health care benefits through the state and federal health care exchanges under ObamaCare, but thousands of new federal workers have been hired and paid up to fifty dollars an hour with taxpayer money. Their job, to help people registering for ObamaCare, also register to vote for Democrats. This is one of the main differences between Democrats and Republicants, i.e., Republicants see issues as problems to be solved in the best interest of the country, and Democrats see every issue as an opportunity to increase their voter base.
     If some guy with a blog like me can figure out the Democrat's real agenda, why can't Republicant politicians do the same. Republicant governors, like Ohio's own John Kasich, have fallen for the line that if they don't setup the ObamaCare state exchanges, they will miss out on getting back some of the state's money that has already been sent to Washington. A flaccid argument at best, because current federal spending is culled from money that hasn't been made yet by people who haven't been born yet. Therein lies the real immorality and incompassion of Barack Obama and the Democrat party. They consciously choose not only to condemn more people in the here and now to live in poverty, but also future generations.
     Between welfare recipients, ObamaCare registrants and illegal aliens, all the Democrats have to do is change the law to allow felons to vote, and they will have created an army of dependents that will insure their electoral success in perpetuity. So in addition to astronomically higher health care insurance premiums, drastically reduced availability of health care, hundreds of new taxes, the loss of millions of jobs, the implementation of death panels, redistribution of wealth by federal authorities mandating that health insurers can't charge riskier seniors much higher premiums than younger persons and myriad of surprises yet to come, the Democrats have written into the law their ability to recruit voters at a time in people's lives when they are most vulnerable. With such obviously crass and despicable political tactics in use daily by Democrat politicians, one has to wonder how any freedom loving American can support this party.

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