Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Kermit Gosnell Horror And What It Says About Us

     Kermit Gosnell is the abortionist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is on trial for his life for brutally taking the lives of innocent babies. He operated an abortion clinic which specialized in late-term abortions, and used several techniques to skirt the limits of the law. But his crime against the state of Pennsylvania is a mere pittance compared to his crime against humanity and the laws of decency. His clinic operated unabated due to a lack of oversight and inspections by the state of Pennsylvania. Babies were born alive and then had their spinal cords cut by Mr. Gosnell or one of his assistants, and in some cases the babies necks were simply snapped in order to bring about death. I will not go into all the other gory details of what was found in the Gosnell house of horrors, I am sure by now you have heard them all, or at least enough to sufficiently turn your stomach for a month.
     This case has hardly registered on the main stream media's radar, or for that matter, the radars of any of our so-called leaders in government. There is no question that our President doesn't find this offensive, after all while in the Illinois state legislature, he voted to allow babies born alive as a result of botched abortions, to be killed outside the womb. And while debating on the floor of the United States Senate, then Senator Obama called babies murdered in the womb and then delivered dead by the mother, induced non-viable fetuses. And in a campaign speech during the 2008 presidential election, he compared babies to veneral diseases that one might contract while having unprotected sex.
     The complete lack of human decency possessed by the medical personal who perform abortions and the politicians who defend their right to do so, has been demonstrated often in the last 40 years. The fact is that the medical research industrial complex has driven the need for human fetal tissue for everything from helping the struggling immune systems of mice, to feeding the obsession of embryonic stem cell research when adult stem cells are the only ones to have shown any promise of one day helping to cure a multitude of diseases. But abortion is the primary sacrament of the Left, and that is why the Gosnell story has received barely a mention in any of the main stream media outlets.
     What I find most disturbing about the Gosnell story is the lack of decency on the part of those who worked for him. Some of his employees witnessed unspeakable acts of brutality and murder for many years and then went home at night and watched cable t.v. and played ball with their kids on the weekends. Not one of them felt that the horror they saw on a daily basis was worth reporting to anyone. The authorities discovered Gosnell's macabre clinic while investigating him for illegally prescribing Oxycontin. And his employees only disclosed the daily horrors in the clinic once they were discovered by law enforcement officials, and charges were being brought. These folks were not being forced to work at Gosnell's clinic at the point of a gun. How does one witness such inhumanity to innocent human beings and have their coffee in the morning, eat a ham sandwich for lunch and go home for dinner every night as if they were just working on an assembly line or crunching numbers in the accounting department of some corporation?   
     The lack of human compassion brutally apparent in Gosnell's accomplice/employees, I think, is a direct result of the sanctity of life being bred out of our culture in the last 40 years since murder of innocent babies was legalized. A culture can be accurately judged by how it treats its most vulnerable and innocent citizens. We have allowed the debasement of our culture to continue and flourish as the result of Leftist policy and ideology. The Kermit Gosnell clinic, and the horrific crimes which transpired there, and the total lack of outrage by the main stream, is illustrative of the soulless and compassion-less society that is created by strict adherence to Leftism.

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