Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Man Behind The Curtain

     Earlier this week, President Obama gave an anti-gun speech in Newtown, Connecticut, the sight of the recent school massacre that resulted in the loss of over two dozen lives, mostly young children. Although the President used the parents of several of the dead children who were in attendance, the tragedy itself and the entire town of Newtown as political props to advance his anti-second amendment agenda, he said this issue was not about politics. The President seemed somewhat foolish, like the Great Wizard of Oz when the curtain is pulled back to reveal the pathetic little man behind the larger-than-life voice. But just like the Wizard, the President, in his realization of the obvious political theater he had created, told people not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, that what they were seeing (and hearing) was not what was actually taking place.  
     That same speech in which the President tried to sell the blatantly political as non-political, he also made one of the most ignorant statements ever uttered by a President of the United States of America. He said, "Let's make it just a little harder to gun down our children." So let me get this straight, President Obama and the rest of the Democrats (and even some moderate Republicants) want us to sellout our constitutional rights for the sake of making it "just a little harder to gun down our children?" This statement was not off the cuff, but in the President's prepared remarks. It still amazes me that I am amazed by the complete lack of rational thought flowing forth from this president and the seeming lack of desire of anyone, sans a few "extreme right-wingers", to point out the President's idiocy.
     President Obama's grand plan for "making it just a little harder to gun down our children" involves limiting the firearms and ammunition choices of law abiding citizens. These are the very people who stand between the evil perpetrators of random and indiscriminate murder and their innocent victims. And while limiting ammunition magazine clips to ten rounds may make for political hay with Leftists who will not rest until the entire U.S. Constitution has been reduced to a pile of ashes, it is without a doubt the least effective solution to a problem ever. Criminals won't adhere to the ten round limit, and even if they did, it only requires seconds to change clips. So a madman with multiple clips that contain fewer rounds can do the same amount of damage as if he possessed one clip that holds the same number of rounds. Limiting ammunition only infringes on law abiding citizens' right to defend themselves, their families and their property, because obeying the law means they have fewer choices in keeping criminals at bay.
     Mr. Obama's other "brilliant" ideas for "making it just a little harder to gun down our children" are to ban "assault-style" weapons and more stringent background checks. The former idea has never worked when it has been tried in the past, but failed policy ideas never stop Leftists from reintroducing them over and over again. The idea is logically flawed because it would have us believe that somehow hundred year old semi-automatic technology is more dangerous and likely to be used to commit nefarious acts when it is packaged in a body that looks menacing. As for background checks, I have news for the wizards of smart on the Left, CRIMINALS DO NOT SUBMIT TO BACKGROUND CHECKS! But then Leftists know this and the real goal of background checks is to register firearms that are in the hands of law-abiding citizens.
     The real tragedy, besides the incineration of Constitutional rights, is that none of the new restrictions on those rights being proposed would have stopped the massacre at Newtown, or anywhere else for that matter. But we shouldn't acknowledge that fact. To do so would be to pull back the curtain of facade and see the tiny little man behind the curtain for what he really is.

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