Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Empty Calories Of Junk Media

     Now that the second Boston bombing terrorist suspect has been captured, some perspective can be gained from the week of a main stream media whose reporting on the incident ranged from ignorance to deliberate disinformation. If the Boston bombings have reinforced in my mind one overwhelming conclusion, it is that we have lost our collective ability to think for ourselves. People have been so trained to watch the drivel that passes for news, that they will sit for hours in front of a TV or computer screen just to hear bubble-headed news anchors and reporters tell them that they do not know anything more at this time. And yet, consumers of this severely retarded rhetoric will inject it like a junkie mainlining heroine.
     The desire to be first has overwhelmed any journalistic integrity to be accurate by those in the media. This week we witnessed a news media that reported there was a suspect in custody at a time when there was not and numerous outlets near prayerful desire that the suspect or suspects would be white Americans and then trying to transform them into such when it turned out they were not. We were also willingly subjected to the same videos of the terrorist massacre hundreds if not thousands of times. What became of even a modicum of decency in the media to report what they know, return to regular programming and then break in only if they truly have some confirmed news on a particular event. And what became of Americans who did not live their lives as slaves to the twenty four hour news cycle to the point that they are voluntarily mis-informed and blatantly manipulated by those in the media with a political agenda.
     I am saddened, horrified and sickened by the terrorist attacks in Boston this week, but almost as sickening is the cavalier way in which the media uses their sacred constitutional trust to mis-inform the public, and the public's ability to lap up the journalistic pablum with great willingness and alacrity. A steady diet of which has caused intellectual obesity and malnutrition in those who choose daily to obtain their information from the fast food media that spews out the empty calories of what they call "news."   

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