Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Scourge Of Bi-Partisan

     Is partisanship automatically bad and achieving bi-partisanship always good? The country was, after all, founded on partisan ideals. In recent decades, and especially in recent years, bi-partisan has been an obsession for people who a) want to convince political opponents to agree with them, or b) have no convictions or values that they believe are worth fighting to defend. I believe that modern day Leftists fall into both of the preceding categories, with a tendency towards the former.
     If there is one thing that Leftists have accomplished, it is to convince a gullible and woefully under informed public that bi-partisanship is the way to societal Nirvana and it is intransigent Republicants who are standing in the way. Using their outdated values to keep the country from moving ever closer to fairness and justice. We saw this as a nation during and after the recent sequester debate. President Obama first used the notion of bi-partisanship to convince the Republicants that if they did not agree with his idea of sequester in August, 2011, that they were being partisan and obstinate. What is more, the President convinced the public of this conclusion. A year and a half later he again used the notion of bi-partisanship to try and convince Republicants to avoid the sequester cuts, but was unsuccessful.
     On issue after issue, from tax increases to immigration reform, the Leftists in the Democrat party have been mostly successful at convincing the public and Republicants that their position is bi-partisan and that the Republicants position, whatever it is, is highly partisan. This is true even when the Democrats position was formerly a Republicant position that was characterized by the Left as partisan. Illustrative of this fact is the position that Democrats took on extending the Bush-era tax rates for 98% of taxpayers. For the better part of a decade, Democrats standard line was that the Bush tax rates were a partisan Republicant policy that only benefited the wealthy. But when they were set to expire under a Democrat president, and expose the truth that the tax rates benefited middle and lower income Americans the most, Democrats again convinced the public and the Republicants that not extending the rates to 98% of taxpayers, would now be the partisan position.
     Bi-partisanship is always portrayed by Democrats, and their lap dogs in the main stream media, as Republicants giving up their values and moving towards the Democrat position. But our entire form of government was based on partisanship. The founders knew that partisanship was a good thing and they designed a system of government that would allow for the best ideas to rise to the top after strenuous debate. Even the bible talks about being luke warm as worse than being a zealot against God. I am proud to be partisan, if I was not, I would be exemplary of the old saying, "If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything." Too many Americans have fallen for the "anything" that is the scourge of bi-partisan.

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