Saturday, April 13, 2013

The President's Budget And The Immorality Of Leftism

     Well the white smoke finally drifted out from the White House chimney, a sure sign that the President's long-awaited budget has been penned by the almighty Himself. Never mind that, by law, the President is suppose to present his budget by the first Monday in February each year, making Barack Obama's budget 65 days late. It is par for the course for a President that has no respect for law and who has been running the government budgetless for the last four years. Or maybe it is the lackadaisical manner in which he approaches every aspect of his job.
     The President's budget is illustrative of the Lefts having blurred the line between government and the real economy. Mr. Obama, and the rest of his gang of think-alikes, actually are convinced that government is the economy. That is why President Obama thinks that by growing government he is growing the economy, because to his twisted way of thinking, they are one in the same. Just for the record, and with all due respect to our President's vast intellect, government is an economic negative. For each dollar that the federal government spends to ostensibly stimulate economic growth, it must first tax, borrow or print that dollar. Which means that dollar is taken out of the private economy before it is reintroduced, minus the cost of government which in some cases is more than the original dollar taken. This creates a scenario in which the private economy has to earn back the dollar that was taken, and in so doing it loses the opportunity to earn another dollar and to move the economy ahead by one dollar instead of just staying even.
     Leftists like to say that the glut of government workers that have been hired under President Obama help grow the economy by buying goods and services. First of all, those people would have purchased just as many goods and services had they been employed with private sector jobs. Secondly, even if those federal workers paid all their salaries in tax, the taxpayers would still be on the hook for the cost of their benefits. So government workers, while necessary in limited numbers, are also an economic negative. Only in the Leftist world is it a good thing to have an ever increasing percentage of the population working for the government and sucking up wealth from the private sector.
     The over-employment of government workers not only makes a claim on a larger chunk of private wealth, but destroys the incentive to create new wealth. Would-be entrepreneurs see no point in risking capital and sweat equity if a larger and larger chunk of what they earn is confiscated by government to pay salaries and benefits of an ever-increasing army of redundant government workers. Not to mention their hard earned dollars being squandered on a growing phalanx of people who choose to depend on government largess for their existence. This largess not only drains the created wealth of society, but prevents those who are on the public dole from contributing wealth through the use of their talents, abilities and hard work. And therein lies the immorality of Leftism, the confiscation of the very soul and essence of human endeavor and advancement.