Monday, April 29, 2013

The Obama Doctrine Of Weakness

     Recently fifty seven Islamic groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the father organization to Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbolla and others, sent a letter to the Obama administration demanding that all negative references to Islam be taken out of FBI and military training material on counter-terrorism. The Obama administration, of course, obliged and even fired all the counter-radical Islamic instructors. This action would have been analogous to President Roosevelt ordering the United States military not to shoot at German soldiers during World War II.
     It is frightening to see the security of this great nation being unnecessarily put at risk, all for the sake of not offending the very enemy whose aim it is to kill as many Americans as possible and destroy our way of life. President Obama has already reduced our nuclear arsenal by more than half and has used the sequester as an excuse to keep navy ships in port that should be patrolling in the Persian gulf and other hot spots around the world. One of the core elements necessary required of a President of the United States is his willingness to project U.S. military capabilities when and where they are needed. President Obama and his band of misfit democrats have a willful dislike and distrust of U.S. military prowess, and combined with their unwillingness to acknowledge their own country as the most net positive contributor to the human condition in history, makes for a toxic stew that puts in jeopardy the very cornerstone of freedom itself.
     I do not intend to imply that the United States should carelessly and capriciously project the power of the U.S. military as simply a means to bring fear to other parts of the world. It should be employed to bring liberty's hope to the oppressed and the iron resolve of justice to the oppressors. For it is only through an effective projection of U.S. military superiority that the best opportunity exists to avoid the exercise of that superiority. Conservatives do not believe in creating and maintaining the most overwhelming military on the planet in order to conquer other lands, but to defend this sentinel of liberty and prosperity and allow its light to shine to every dark corner of the world where the human spirit cries out to be free.
     President Obama's foreign policy impotence, I believe by design, was recently demonstrated by his unwillingness to take a more deliberate stand on Syria after they crossed the administration's red line of using chemical weapons on their own people. The administration has also been absent without leave with regards to Iran's nuclear program. Mahoud Ahmadinejad has had free reign to manipulate the irrelevant and useless United Nations, while at the same time making the president of the United States look like a clown. Mr. Obama has also done nothing to quiet the saber-rattling from North Korea's Kim Jong-un, which as anyone knows is done to test the resolve of your enemy before you spend military capital.
     The measure of a nation's resolve to avoid the use of its military strength by projecting its power to would-be attackers, is its willingness to do so. The test of that nation's military prowess is how well it can defend itself when attacked. Since our current president does not seem willing to engage in the former, let us pray that our nation has the strength to prove the latter.

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