Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Pre-911 World Of The Left

     If one were only to listen to the main stream media and the Obama administration, the conclusion would be reached that September 11, 2001 past through history with nothing out of the ordinary taking place that day. This fact has been illustrated by the way the Boston terrorist attack is being treated as a criminal act rather than a military operation executed by our enemy in an ongoing war. The Obamaites, in and out of the media, have adopted a pre-911 mindset with regards to terrorism and the devastation it has, is and will cause our country.
     If there is one thing we do know about the Boston attack from the information currently available, is that it occurred as a result of a colossal failure by the Obama administration, primarily in the form of the FBI, to stop the two brothers who committed the atrocity. In 2011, the Russian government warned the Obama administration about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of the two brother terrorists, and that he should be carefully survaled. Not only were the Russian warnings not heeded by the administration, but after Tamerlan left the United States and spent 6-7 months in Russia, he was not even questioned by the FBI upon his return to the U.S.
     The Obama administration and the rest of the Left have put the safety and sovereignty of the United States in a subservient role to political correctness. It has been predictable but never the less pathetic to watch the Left twist themselves into pretzels trying to downplay the brothers' radical Islamic motivations and connections. One only needs to look at Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Facebook page and YouTube channel to understand what motivated him to enlist his younger brother in the slaughter of innocent Americans, it was radical Islam. And while the administration and others on the Left wish for all of us to live in the denial they exhibit about radical Islam, the bombings were a direct result of that denial.
     We now know that family and friends of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev saw their images in the media shortly after the bombings, but did not call police because of political correctness. They did not want to be accused of profiling by reporting that they might know the bombers simply because they looked like the Islamic brothers to which they were acquainted. When questioned why he didn't tell authorities where to find Dzhokhar, one acquaintance said he didn't want to turn in every "nice Islamic kid" who looked like the image on TV. And even President Obama carefully downplayed the terrorist brothers' radical Islamism and engaged in the "Lone Wolf" narrative manufactured by the media. It is hard to believe that two immigrant brothers, living in a small Boston apartment, with very scant resources, were able to purchase, construct and execute improvised explosive devices that killed 3 and injured scores more. Hard to believe, that is, unless you live in the world of the Left where 9-11 didn't occur and three thousand Americans who lost their lives on that day are still going to work daily in the World Trade Center buildings that still dominate the Manhattan skyline.

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  1. But if they devoted resources to follow up on good tips from foreign government, it would be that much less they could devote to being "eeeequal" in their process by tracking tea party groups and patting down grandmothers. After all, there are many times more white people than islamists, so we should be spending that much more time making sure they're not terrorists.