Friday, April 26, 2013

There Goes The Judge

     There was a popular saying in the 1970s of "Here come the judge!" Well, the most popular saying by the millennial generation is, "Don't judge me, man!" But it is not only themselves they wish to exempt from judgement for everything from their appearance to their behavior, but every behavior engaged in by anyone. And while there seems to be a certain freedom that millennials comfort themselves with that borders on anarchy, it has lead to the very situation in which they find themselves living in their parents basement, unemployed or under-employed.
     The creation of the more non-judgemental society (except in the case of Conservatives whose only sin is to preach self-reliance, smaller government and individual responsibility) began in the 1960s with the sexual revolution. It was then that women were convinced that it was okay to succumb to the desires of their male counterparts' over active libidos. With the new sexual mores entrenched in the culture, there was a fracturing of civil society because less importance was placed on following a moral code. This resulted in the natural progression of outcomes of a non-moral culture. These outcomes included, but were not limited to, a higher out-of-wedlock birth rate, more drug use which lead to higher crime, more poverty and less dependence on self and more on government.
     By not judging undesirable behavior we are fulfilling the late Daniel Patrick Moynahan's observation that as a society we engage in "defining deviancy down." We normalize devient behavior on our journey to accepting even more deviant behavior as normal. This was aptly illustrated recently by New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, when he said that attacks like the one in Boston last week were just part of the new normal with which we now live. Those that live in the toxic ether of Leftism, like governor Cuomo, would rather accept innocent Americans being slaughtered by radical Islamists than to admit that there is such a thing as radical Islam, that, after all would be judging. And in the minds of Leftists, being seen as judgemental is the worse sin one can committ .
    The Bible says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." That instruction was meant to focus the individuals attention on his own behavior, not as a motto upon which to build a society. That biblical quote also refers to the eternal disposition of some one else's soul, not their earthly behavior. God does not expect us to accept deviant behavior as normal, that is why he gave us the Ten Commandments. For that matter, the entire Bible is an instruction manual on how to live a pious and moral life, not only for the individual, but for the community at large. That can not be achieved without making judgements about which behavior is acceptable and which is not.
     I believe the downward spiral in our culture is a direct result of the Lefts attempt to create a non-judgemental society, and the government dependence that breeds. There is no greater way to increase the need for government than to decrease a sense of morality in the culture. Morality is the direct result of judgement, and without it, the default basis for a society is government, which has proven itself to be an amoral concept. That is why the founders of this great nation chose to limit government and give more freedom to religiosity. They knew that pious judgement by religiously free people would build the kind of moral and prosperous society that a mere secular government could not.

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