Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Social Justice Of Barack Obama

     When rights and laws no longer have as their source God and nature, then true liberty and justice is replaced with politically manufactured liberty and justice. When the nature of the human condition is subjugated to the constructs of the human will practiced by the ruling class, the natural right of people to be free is forever infringed. The founders of this great nation instinctively knew this in their hearts and minds, and they built a nation from the best examples from all of human history up until that point. They knew that when people were free to use their God-given abilities and talents to their full potential, unfettered by burdensome government, the resulting society would be a beacon of freedom in the world, as well as the world's repository of good that would lead to the greatest advancement of the human condition.
     The social justice of Barack Obama is a fraudulent justice because it reassigns the liberty from one group to another based on the variance of prosperity between the two groups. There is no justice when it is built upon the remnants of liberty stolen from the more prosperous and given to the less prosperous. There is no liberty when the fruits of a man's labor can be confiscated by his government at any time for the purpose of imposing economic equality on a free people. And there is no justice when a central government authority has become so entwined in the lives of the governed that in its arrogance thinks it can make personal decisions better than the individuals who are subject to that authority. Decisions on what to drive, what to eat, what kind of health insurance to purchase, if any and a myriad other decisions that range from the type of light bulbs one can use to how much energy an individual can consume.
     True justice  is defined by each man reaping the reward or punishment of his own behavior based solely on the merit or demerit of that behavior. The social justice of Barack Obama seeks to transfer wealth from the industrious to the non-industrious in an effort to impose egalitarianism on a nation founded on liberty. The social justice of Barack Obama imposes equality using the force of government to make every citizen equally enslaved to that government. True justice does not seek equality but the moral certitude that is produced by freedom of choice. True justice promotes each man making his own choices and then living with the consequences of those choices. The social justice of Barack Obama seeks to transfer outcomes from bad choices made by individuals to other individuals who have engaged themselves in making good choices, and visa versa.
      The justice of Barack Obama is packaged with the modifier "social." But true justice stands on its own and needs no modification. It has existed since God breathed life into the earth and created human beings from earthen materials and gave them souls composed from His love and His justice. To repackage the holy gift of justice from God into the profanity that is the Barack Obama brand of justice is a sin, not only against man, but more importantly against God.


  1. Once again well written!
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    1. Thank you very much, I appreciate that.