Friday, April 5, 2013

The Juvenification Of America

     In order for Leftist policy to gain favor with a majority of the population, an entire generation of adults has had to be turned into children. Over the last 40 years the Left, having control of the schools and media in this country, have trained the populace to respond emotionally to every issue, just as children do. One of the fundamental responsibilities of successful parents is to develop in their child a sense of self-restraint and to place critical and rational thought above the emotional. But the current and previous generations have been raised to posses self-esteem, not self-control.
     If you have ever tried to have a rational discussion on an issue with someone firmly on the Left, you know what I am talking about. Even when presented with facts, statistics and reasoned arguments, the Leftist will always respond emotionally and resort to name calling or irrational arguments. A classic case in point is how the Left, in the media and elsewhere, responds to Sarah Palin. They attack her personally, calling her stupid (and in the case of Bill Mauer using the "C" word to describe her), but they never deal with the substance of her positions. This tactic has been just one of many tools used by the Leftist Democrat party over the last 40 plus years. But beginning in the 1990s, with the institution by the Clintonistas of the politics of personal destruction, and building into an Alinsky crescendo with Barack Obama, the Democrat party has made character assassination their only tool.
     The reason that this demonization and marginalization of their political opponents works today and would not have in prior eras, is that the population has been juvenilized over the last 40 years. I am amazed as I read more and more history and realize how much more mature people were, and at a younger age, 80, 100 or even 200 years ago. The bearing, fortitude and responsibility that young men at 20 years old routinely possessed is hard to find in "men" twice that age today. The Left has purposely inculcated in people the desire to be taken care of and not to do for themselves so that they are more dependent on government. It is frightening the number of times in a single day I hear people  making reference to some other entity, be it government at some level or a private business, taking responsibility for a personal need of theirs. Exemplary of this condition is many Americans expecting taxpayers to pay for their cell phones or a business to pay for some minor inconvenience they have suffered.
     The juvenile nature of many Americans today leads them to being easily offended by something someone has said and expecting financial re numeration for suffering such indignity. The juvenile nature of many Americans today informs them that they have no stake in such things as their own health care, children's education or even providing their own food. The juvenile nature of many Americans today causes a feeling of entitlement, as if they are somehow guaranteed happiness instead of its pursuit. The juvenile nature of many Americans today would have them give up liberty, which requires intestinal fortitude, and replace it with dependence and entitlement, which requires a lack of character and sense of responsibility. The more childish this nation has become, the less free we have become, and that is the real tragedy of the juvenification of America.  

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  1. It will only get worse when the Common Core States Initiative takes hole. The teaching of emotions via slavery, environmentalism and sustainability without factual evidence will be the norm of the day. Children cannot tap into abstract thought without learning to read phonetically and having facts in their brains not on a computer. We are truly lost if Common Core becomes the method of education,