Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Left Never Ceases To Disgust

     The bomb blasts at the Boston marathon that killed 3 people and injured 170, was a cowardly act of terror committed by an individual or individuals that are demented, sick and twisted. Almost as heinous as the blasts themselves has been the shameless way in which Leftists have tried to use them to gain political advantage over their opponents. From Congressman Barney Frank using the quick response of medical and safety personnel as a means of selling higher taxes and bigger government, to publishing an article expressing the hope that the responsible party is a white man, the Left has been shameless in their political aspirations being fulfilled by this act of murder. The rest of the main stream media has been a little more subtle than, but has salivated at the possibility that the bombings could be tied to the right-wing in some way.
     This response by the Left in a time of national tragedy illustrates one of the differences between Conservatives and Leftists. The Left is despicable in their use of crisis and tragedy to further their political goals. I haven't heard one Conservative or Republican speculate that the Boston marathon terrorist attacks were the result of any Left-wing group or individuals. But main stream Leftists in the media and politics have tried to make a connection between the date of the attacks being tax day and people in the Tea Party being responsible for the attacks. They have also trotted out Timothy McVeigh, who was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 that killed upwards of 180 people, making him the poster child for right-wing violence. But Timothy McVeigh was a rabid atheist and pot smoker who would have been more comfortable in a room with Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan.
     The glaring differences between how Leftists and Conservatives exercise their right of free political speech can be seen in the behavior of Occupy Wall St. and the Tea Party. The only violence ever chronicled at a Tea Party event was when union thugs pummeled a black Tea Party member while hurling racial slurs at him. The Occupy Wall St. events were routinely defined by violence in the form of rapes, breaking the windows of businesses and defecating on police cars. The Tea Party obtained the proper permits for the venues where their events were being held and the areas were left spotless. Occupy Wall St. trespassed on property and literally left tons of trash and debris in their wake.
     The Left has a history of violence, not only with Occupy Wall St., but going back to the 1960s with the riots they orchestrated in every major city across the country, burning buildings and causing bodily injury and property damage. A god to many Leftists, including our current president who started his political career in the man's living room, Bill Ayers, is a kindred spirit with the Boston Bomber. The violence at the 1968 Democrat convention was not perpetrated by right-wingers but by disgruntled Leftists. And the ideology of radical Islam which has been responsible for 98% of all the terrorist attacks in the world over the last 30 years, is more closely associated with Leftist ideology than any Conservative ethos. The idea that Conservatives would advance their political agenda through violence is laughable, out of character and not historically supported. The same can not be said about Leftists.

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