Saturday, December 21, 2013

Inter-Generational Racial Victim Hood

     One of the Lefts favorite activities is accusing the Right of being racists, mostly to gain a political advantage with a woefully under-informed, and sometimes deliberately misinformed, public. But it is the Left that is obsessed with race, brandishing it like a nine millimeter hand gun every time a black youth is shot by police, in every election cycle, and whenever they perceive a chance to destroy someone who opposes their severely flawed ideology.
     Such was the case recently with comments made by Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family. His innocent comments about growing up in Louisiana in the 1960s among blacks, were called racist by an ever-increasingly hateful and irrational media and other Leftist devotees. Phil's comments that he never witnessed any discrimination against blacks growing up in the South, and that he worked along side many blacks hoeing the cotton fields and did not hear any of them express any concern about being the victims of racism, is illustrative of the Lefts "all or nothing" strategy when it comes to race.
     The narrative of the Left is that every white person in the South is a racist bigot and practices discrimination against any black person he can find. This narrative falls apart when one considers the post-Civil War Jim Crow Laws of the South. Why would laws need to be implemented to get persons to do that which they are already doing on their own? But the actual facts or truth will not stop a committed Leftist from proffering their own version of reality to push an agenda based on their own bigotry of those with whom they disagree. And Mr. Robertson's own life experience must be sublimated to the Lefts agenda and the narrative used to impose it. This is not to say there were not racists in the South that discriminated against blacks, they were called Democrats.
    The Left has also manufactured inter-generational racial victim hood i.e., because you may have had an ancestor that was a victim of racism, you are automatically a victim as well and should receive special treatment and compensation. This has been a deliberate strategy by the Left to offer themselves as the only remedy for the alleged racial offense, thus giving Leftist politicians power and authority that the United States Constitution never envisioned. But this kind of racial pandering has only served to injure the intended beneficiaries with higher high school and college drop-out rates, twice the unemployment rate of the general population, and the almost complete destruction of the black family structure.
     So as many in the black population have been deliberately distracted to think that they are victims of conservative white policy (if such a thing exists), the real source of their victimization is Leftist social policies that have aimed to keep them on the Democrat plantation of low expectations and unlimited entitlement that are born of never-ending victim hood.

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