Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Lefts Redefining Of America

     "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America." This often repeated quote, by those on the Right anyway, from President Obama prior to winning the 2008 presidential election, could serve as the platform of the modern Democrat party and the Leftist movement in this country. But the Left has not so much transformed America as it has redefined the lexicon of our public debate on the important issues of the day. It is this redefining that is the linchpin of the Lefts effort to subdue the spirit of liberty in a free people and to dismantle the government that was established to protect and promote that spirit.     
     The Left has redefined hate to mean any position taken that is in conflict with the politically correct, albeit factually lacking narrative on any subject that they themselves believe, or want to make others believe for their own political advantage. They have redefined racism to mean any statement of fact that acknowledges a truth about, or suggests an expectation of, any minority that is stabled in the barn of Leftist victim hood. They have redefined misogyny to mean anyone who has values that are not congruent with modern feminism.
     The Left has redefined marriage away from the thousands of years of human history that proves traditional marriage to be the best way in which to raise children as responsible, contributing members of a culture, to any relationship whose participants say they love each other. They have redefined rights to mean any commodity that they can convince a segment of the population is their entitlement to have the United States taxpayer provide them through the bureaucracy of the federal government. And they have redefined bigotry to mean any word that flows from the mouth of anyone on the Right, while ignoring the bigoted statements of anyone on the Left.
     This redefining of America, mainly through political correctness, has had a devastating effect on the free flow of ideas, especially on college campuses and in Washington D.C. The Founders knew that if the free flow of ideas was restricted in anyway, the storm clouds of tyranny and oppression would obscure the brightly burning sun of liberty. It was to protect free speech, more than for any other reason, that the United States Constitution has as its first amendment language to protect any man's ability to express his political ideas, and for those who may disagree to vigorously debate and challenge them with opposing ideas.
     The way in which the Left has redefined America has allowed them to advance their ideas, not based on intellectual merit, but solely on intimidating any opposition away from even participating in debate. Any expectations of those on government assistance has become bigotry, expecting women to pay for their own birth control has become misogyny, and allowing persons to keep the fruits of their labor has become greed. Any society that allows itself to be defined in this manner has left behind the sunlight of freedom and liberty and has entered the dark forest of oppression and tyranny.

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