Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Media's Attempt To Spin Jang Execution To Obama's Advantage

     Recently, the current pot-bellied dictator of North Korea and the world's creepiest Dennis Rodman fan, Kim Jong-un, executed his uncle, Jang Song-thaek. Jang was North Korea's Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission, a position considered to be second to the Supreme Leader himself. Jang was also married to Kim Jong-Il's only sister, making him Kim Jong-un's uncle. He also was rumored to have been in control of North Korea during the former leader's illness and death several years ago.
     Jang Song-thaek was charged with mentoring the young Kim Jong-un a few years back by his brother in-law, Kim Jong-il, then Supreme Leader of North Korea. It is a common occurrence for the mentor to be executed by his protégé sometime after he has taken the reins of power, for fear of being challenged by the powerful mentor. Of course the official charges against Jang read somewhat like a recitation of North Korean law, Jang having been accused of everything from political corruption to pornography.
     Reading the main stream media's analysis of the execution, one would think this was the first time that a dictator in North Korea, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, executed members of his government who they perceived to be too powerful. The dolts in the media even quoted North Korean "experts" who confirmed that Kim Jong-un was an anomaly when it came to any lineage of lunatic leaders, beginning with his grand father Kim Il-sung and being passed to him by his father Kim Jong-Il. But the truth is that both Kim's father and grand father did their share of purging during their tenures in power.
     The reason that the media has gotten it so wrong is partly their disinterest in and incompetence for anything approaching journalism, and partly they consider it to be their divine directive to make President Obama look less feckless with foreign policy than he is. The media has deliberately tried to characterize Kim Jong-un as so much more irrational and off the world leader reservation than was his father, who of course was in power mostly during the Bush years. The media's narrative on North Korea seems to be that no one, not even the Great Obaminator, could reason with a man so unreasonable as Kim Jong-un, who would execute his own uncle and mentor. Therefore excusing Barack Obama for actually ignoring the growing threat to the region posed by Kim Jong-un.
     I am certainly not excusing the mentally ill Kim Jong-un, but nor should the United States be using the recent execution of his uncle to excuse the incompetence and buffoonish foreign policy of our own "Supreme Leader." It may be unfair to compare Barrack Obama to Kim Jong-un, after all, our President has not executed any of his family members or administration officials, only common sense, decency, and a cogent foreign policy.

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