Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Duplicitous Nature Of The Left

     One of the most vociferous accusations from the Left about conservatives is that we are constantly trying to impose our values and morals on everyone else. The blatant duplicitous irony involved in the Left accusing anyone of imposition is surely missed by people who bury their heads so far in the sand that even a metal detector would be unable to locate the ball bearings rattling around inside their otherwise empty heads. After all, these are the same folks that have no problem using the power of government to impose the radical homosexual agenda, the radical environmental agenda, the radical open-borders/amnesty agenda, and the radical feminist agenda, which includes government support of infanticide. All these positions are not supported by the majority of Americans.
     God help anyone who takes a moral stand against what is so obviously a destructive and immoral agenda. Those that do are figuratively tar and feathered by the Left in media and government alike. Government in a free society should encourage values and morals that lead to more prosperity and liberty for everyone. The Founding Fathers of this country called it promoting the general welfare. But Democrats, under the poisonous spell of Leftism, have so horribly bastardized the general welfare clause of the United States Constitution that they have made it unrecognizable from the founders' intent. Instead, they have redefined it to mean that big government should promulgate programs of dependence whose recipients are indebted to them. This indebtedness is paid for by their vote with the goal of keeping Leftist politicians in power in perpetuity.
      President John F. Kennedy, in his inaugural address, spoke about the moral imperative of liberty and freedom, not only in this country, but throughout the world. He also spoke of the founding of this country as one based on the unique idea that the rights of free people come from God, and not the state. One would be engaging in an almost impossible task to find one Democrat in Washington who would promote such values publicly, let alone acknowledge them even in private. But then honest knowledge is a scarce commodity among the Left who engage in voluntary ignorance on a daily basis.
     The duplicitous nature of Leftists is inherent in their ideology. This is after all a political ethos that preaches fairness and equality, yet promotes a progressive tax structure that punishes success. It is an ideology that claims to protect the rights of the "little guy," while implementing laws that favor their wealthy and well-connected political donors. The Left preaches "equal protection under the law," and then imposes "hate crimes" legislation which treats one class of crime victims differently from others. They speak of choice when it involves murdering the unborn, yet have no tolerance for it as it relates to health care, light bulbs, smoking, soda-drinking, and trans fat intake. Leftists dispense self esteem to our children like candy at a parade, then indoctrinate them to believe that their own country as founded is so inherently evil that they have no chance of realizing theirs dreams without massive government interference in their daily lives.
     The Left has an infinite supply of duplicity and a finite respect for individual liberty, rule of law, and common decency. Unfortunately they also have brightly colored bobbles to lure the unsuspecting into lives of un-fulfillment and servitude to their masters in government. Our nation becomes more diminished by the duplicitous nature of the Left, and less free by our acceptance of it.  

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