Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Goolsbee Effect

     The re-launch of the ObamaCare website, known by its technical name of, occurred over this past weekend. Most Americans noticed no difference in their day-to-day lives as a result, but the Obama administration could not stop crowing and celebrating the re-launch of a site that was suppose to have been connecting millions of Americans with "affordable" health insurance over the last two months. The crowing involved the meeting of the administration's pathetic goals for it of being only 70% complete, working 90% of the time for 80% of visitors to the online exchange. Any private sector enterprise would be embarrassed by these metrics, but not the shameless Obama administration.
     The re-launch of illustrates, in my mind at least, the two kinds of Leftists who support this administration. The first kind is the leader of the administration himself, Barack Hussein Obama, who deliberately hides the truth from the American people so he can clear a path towards practicing his naked aggression towards liberty. Then there are those like Austan Goolsbee, who must sink into the twisted world of their own delusion to support the administration against the tide of common sense and truth. Mr. Goolsbee is a former economic advisor to Barack Obama; successful if he was advising him on how to create the worst economy since the Great Depression, a failure if he thought his advice would lead to economic prosperity for the majority of Americans.
     Unless one lives in denial like Mr. Goolsbee, it is painfully obvious that more people are unemployed under Barack Obama than at any time in our history, over 90 million at last count. The growth of the economy is at its lowest rate for the longest sustained period of time ever. There are double the persons on food stamps than when President Obama was inaugurated, and more Americans live in poverty than ever before, one out of every six. But in a recent interview, dripping with sycophancy for all things Obama, Mr. Goolsbee illustrated his complete lack of connection with reality by saying things have gotten better under his former boss and current Messiah. But then what can be expected from a man who has never worked in the private sector for which he helped draft execution orders. Austan Goolsbee has spent his entire career in academia and government, so he has never had to experience the utter failure of his treasured economic theories.
     The biggest failure of the Left is the failure of delusion. They have refused to remove the blinders from their eyes and see that the greatest prosperity and liberty for the most number of people comes from free market capitalism and not from their god of bigger and bigger government.  Mr. Goolsbee is illustrative of the former statement in spades. It is beyond me how anyone, Obama devotee or not, could think that the federal government is capable of managing something as complex as the American health care industry, when they failed so miserably at something as simple as creating a website that works. The inability at the dawn of the 21st century to create a website is analogous to the inability to build a barn at the dawn of the 20th century. And yet, Leftists like Austan Goolsbee celebrate the incompetence and ineptness of an all-consuming federal government that they worship as the solution to every problem and the vicar of every virtue contained within the dusty volumes of failed Marxist scriptures.

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