Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Modacans And The Repeal Fairy

     I think it was General MacArthur who once said, "When your enemy is in the process of destroying himself, get out of his way." This quote has recently been used by moderate Republicants to justify inaction with regards to ObamaCare. What the modacans fear is that any resistance shown by those on the Right to President Obama will be used by the President to prove his charge that they are obstructionists. This overwhelming fear by some on the Right has paralyzed them, even on an issue like ObamaCare, which garners the condemnation of a majority of American voters.
     The MacArthur quote applies aptly to an enemy destroying himself, but what if that enemy is in the process of destroying the very foundations of liberty which breathed to life the United States of America? A recent Gallup poll revealed that 52% of Americans want ObamaCare repealed or severely limited. And as that is a healthy percentage, it still does not rise to the level of causing the collapse of any law, especially not a health care law that the Left has waited a hundred years to impose on this free society. For a law to collapse of its own weight it needs seventy or eighty percent of the voting public to demand its repeal, as of yet, the opposition to ObamaCare is not nearly large enough or impassioned enough to do the trick.
     But the modacans persist in their self-delusion that if they do nothing to fight a bad law born of tyranny, the repeal fairy will smile upon their cause and bestrewn them with laurels of victory. They ignore the fact that ObamaCare is law, and as such it will stand and continue to be implemented and funded until it is repealed, no matter how much pain it causes the American people. It is very unlikely that in the 2014 mid-term elections the Republicants will achieve sufficient majorities in both houses of congress to override President Obama's veto pen. And if in 2016 the modacans are able to convince the voters to elect their candidate for president, the repeal ship will have already sailed with regards to ObamaCare, as its subsidies will have already been part of the American fabric for at least two full years.
     The time to fight ObamaCare was during the government shutdown, which the modacans squandered by retreating like scared little rabbits. There is still time, but very little, if liberty and freedom of choice is ever to be restored to America's health care industry. The modacans' strategy of stepping aside and letting the repeal fairy do the heavy lifting is a losing one. Every freedom fighter, from Mosses to Reverend King, knew that the cause of liberty was worthy of their actions and that they would be unworthy of its blessing if they chose a course of inaction.

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