Thursday, December 12, 2013

The 2013 Paul Ryan Negotiates Against The 2012 Paul Ryan

     Once again the leadership in the Republicant-lead House of Representatives, this time in the person of Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, have sold the family farm to Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray and the administration for the worthless shiny bobble of promised spending cuts in the future. The deal on a so-called bi-partisan budget, the first one in 4 years thanks to intransigent Democrats, increases spending over the next two years 63 billion dollars by negating parts of the sequester. Eighty five billion dollars in "spending cuts" would be implemented over the next ten years, leaving the door wide open for any future congress to ignore them since they will be  under no obligation to live by spending restrictions made by the current congress. Therefore, the cuts in this proposed budget are vapor and will disappear like a Summer breeze.
     Democrats did not even have to break a sweat in order to get gun-shy Republicants to roll over and play dead while administration lackey's achieved something they have wanted since the deficit- reduction sequester cuts went into effect a year ago. In the worst idea since General Custer said, "Hey let's make our stand in that low-lying area surrounded by hilly high ground," Republicants telegraphed to Democrats that they would be unwilling to stand on their principles to the point of another partial shutdown of the federal government. Taking a government shutdown off the table is like a parent telling a child to behave or else there will be no consequences.
     During the ensuing years leading up to and including the 2012 presidential election, Paul Ryan correctly pointed out that if the federal government continued to spend like drunken sailors on shore leave, the country would suffer dire financial consequences. That was the 2012 Paul Ryan, the 2013 Paul Ryan has used the tired and worn refrain by establishment Republicants that they only control 1/2 of 1/3 of government, and therefore are unable to stand on principle. It is astounding how Mr. Ryan's position can change so drastically in one year. The urgency of the country's financial ruin has given way to the political expediency of bi-partisanship.
      The Republicant party is indistinguishable from Democrats if they do not boldly stand against the immoral behavior by government of piling debt onto future generations of Americans. The current state of the Republicant party, as highlighted by the ease with which they seemingly have accepted the Ryan/Murray budget, is worse than simply abandoning their principles. The Washington Republicant establishment, which now seems to include Paul Ryan, mocks and ridicules the Tea Party and The Heritage Foundation when they espouse the core values of conservatism which use to constitute the Republicant party.
     On Greta Van Susteren's Fox News Channel show, Paul Ryan defended the avoidance of a partial federal government shutdown by saying it would be a distraction from the debacle known as ObamaCare. Apparently the Republicants' strategy on the ill-fated health care law is to, "allow it to collapse of its own weight." It is astounding to me that establishment Republicants have shrank from the bare-knuckle defense of this nation's founding principles in favor of some sort of sorcerer's magic. The magic implementation of future budget cuts and the magical collapse of a law that is the crowning achievement of a hundred years of progressivism. The only thing that will collapse from the weight of a government out of control is the ever-weakening foundation of American liberty and exceptionalism.

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