Friday, December 20, 2013

Phil Robertson, A&E, And The Tyranny Of The Minority

     The way in which the Left, especially in the media and the Democrat party, slant and deliberately mis-characterize the positions of Christians and others on the Right, has recently been illustrated by their reaction to the comments made by Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family that has the number cable show in America.  Mr. Robertson was very steadfast in his Christian belief, based on the Bible, that homosexuality is a sin. But the media over and over again characterized his remarks as "anti-gay" instead of accurately describing them as "pro-Christian," "pro-heterosexual," or even "pro-Biblical." These are all things we know from Phil Robertson's comments, what there is not any evidence of is any anti-gay sentiment, in fact he basically stated that he loved the sinner, but not the sin.
     But for his deeply held, and courageously expressed beliefs, Phil Robertson has suffered the wrath of the political correctness Nazis at A&E, the cable network that carries his highly popular show. Phil has been indefinitely suspended. I am not worried about Phil Robertson, he and his family were persons of substance both in character and financially before their show on A&E, unlike most reality television stars. I am sure Phil will be just fine if his suspension from the show is permanent. My concern is with the Duck Dynasty audience and every other American who can have their livelihood threatened by a group that comprises less than two percent of the population.
     A&E, like most of corporate America, is so intimidated and frightened by the radical homosexual lobby that they felt it necessary not only to suspend Phil Robertson for his beliefs, but to additionally make a statement that dripped with fear, cowardice, and pandering. No where in their statement was any acknowledgment of respect for the tens of millions of Christians who support Phil's beliefs, if not for the tens of millions more who support his right of religious expression. I read the statement from A&E as a slight to the very audience that watches Duck Dynasty and fills the network's coffers with ad revenues. I highly doubt that many homosexuals watch the show. So for the network to tell regular viewers of the show, mostly Christians and those on the political Right, that they no longer are appreciated by the network, reminds me of the Republicant party establishment, in essence telling their conservative base to stay home on election day. In both cases, the ones who provide the lion's share of support are being told they are persona non grata.
     Perhaps A&E's cowardice will be rewarded with a backlash from the show's fans which will result in the reinstatement of Phil Robertson. And perhaps the Republicant establishment will whole-heartily embrace the Tea Party and conservatives. I am not holding my breath in anticipation of either one. What I do know is that until the vast majority of Americans, who live their lives in decency, stand up and assert themselves, sliver groups like the radical homosexual lobby will continue to impose their tyranny of the minority on the rest of America by pulling the strings of their corporate marionettes like A&E.

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