Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pope Francis Ends Church Support For Liberty

     Pope Francis, in the latest published pontiff pontification has signaled a change for the Catholic church from defender of freedom to purveyor of Marxist ideals. It is hard to believe that it was scarcely thirty years ago that Pope Francis' predecessor, Pope John Paul II, joined forces with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to oppose, and finally defeat the communist Soviet Union. But here we are thirty years later, and today's Pope not only refuses to oppose the practice of communist ideology, he has suggested the augmentation of such ideas as some sort of panacea to solve all the world's problems.
     The current Vicar of Christ wrote that much of the world's pain and suffering has been caused by "unfettered capitalism." I wonder in which part of the world His Holiness sees "unfettered capitalism?" The failings of capitalism have existed to the extent that government interferes with it, which allows crony capitalism to supplant free market capitalism. We have seen this corruption  practiced in this country for several decades, but it has been greatly accelerated under the Obama administration. Companies and businesses that have an "in" with the administration receive favorable treatment through legislation i.e., Dodd/Frank, or blatant political payoffs with taxpayer money, i.e., Solendra and the rest of the "green energy" sector.
     Pope Francis also wrote that more government is needed in the world, and that government needs to provide its people with health care and other essentials of life. I must have missed the Holy Father's appointment to the Obama administration, but it sounds as though he has fallen right in line with its talking points, "If you like your Catholicism, you can keep your Catholicism." Pope Francis may know matters of faith, but he is woefully under served by his knowledge of world history. The most tyranny and oppression throughout history has been practiced by unlimited governments, not limited ones.
     Of course no left-leaning treatise would be complete without its reference to "equality," and so it is with Pope Francis'. But what Leftists like the Pope fail to recognize is that all men are equal in the eyes of God, but God has also placed inequalities in men and nature in order for the proper functioning of a balanced world. Civilized and free societies can not function when its members have equality forced upon them. And throughout history these types of systems have always failed because there is no equality in nature, and the abrogation of the laws of nature is the reason Leftist public policy fails wherever and whenever it is implemented. The world is defined by inequality; one mountain is higher than another, one location is warmer than another, and so on. So it is with men; one man is more intelligent than another, one man is more athletic, and so on.
     It is very disheartening to see the faith of my upbringing utterly dismantled by that which corrupts and sullies everything it touches; Leftism. Christ told Peter, the man considered the first Pope, that he was the rock upon which he would build his church. Unfortunately the current successor to Peter has traded that rock for the fleeting, feel-good feather bed of Leftism.

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