Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why Leftists Hate Christmas

     No reasonable person who has not been hibernating in deep space for the last decade can honestly contest the premise of my title for this blog post. From trying to remove the traditional symbols of Christmas, to changing its very name to "holiday," the Left has fought hard and tirelessly to drive underground the spirit of a holiday that aims to bring people together in peace, love, and joyous glad tidings. It use to perplex me how anyone could be offended by such a holiday, no matter which faith promotes it. But the dedicated Leftists who have declared war, not only on Christmas, but all traditional values, do so because of their hubris, arrogance, and unwavering faith in government.
     The act of persons in this country being publicly joyous over something that not only has a religious significance, but is outside the control of a centralized government, deeply offends those on the Left. And that which offends Leftists must, of course, be eliminated from public display and discourse. The real impetus for the Lefts war on Christmas is not about the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, but about the freedom that is the foundation of religiosity. It was, after all, the Founding Fathers' belief in the Almighty's blessing of rights on his people that formed the foundation of the greatest and freest nation in the history of man. And the Founders' legacy of liberty deeply offends and threatens the Left like nothing else can.
     Christmas is the complete antithesis of Leftism. It is a holiday that celebrates the birth of a child whose mother was a virgin, and father was a non-union carpenter and who was venerated and honored by three wise men from government for his divinity. Nothing elicits the ire and insecurity of the Left more than the placement of anything above government in the order of importance in a person's life, and the life of the nation. The public display of Christmas is a blatant reminder to the Left that tens of millions of Americans trust in God more than government, and that that trust strengthens people and makes them more independent in a way that government can not.
     If the Left were to rewrite the Christmas story, Joseph would be out of the picture, Mary would be a recipient of food stamps and other government programs, and the three wise men would be navigators visiting Jesus to sign him up for ObamaCare. Therein lies the real reason Leftists hate Christmas, it is an all too painful reminder that the thing in which they have chosen to place all their faith and trust, i.e. government, is just a placebo for the substance and healing power of real faith in God.

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