Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Means New America

     As we are sent hurdling towards 2014 at breakneck speed, my thoughts have turned backward to the country we were, and forward to the country we are going to be. And in so much as Barack Obama complains about Republicants obstructing his progress, he has been successful at his naked goal of transforming America. The new year will bring more offensive executive orders, uncontested nominations of persons who are proudly and deliberately ignorant of constitutional principles, and more spending of future generation's money.
     Now that the linchpin of constitutional subjugation, ObamaCare, has been implemented without opposition, and might I say, even acquiescence by congressional Republicants, the country we enter in 2014 will forever leave behind the remnants of a tattered republic. And if this all sounds a bit too melancholy for the New Year celebration, I am a realist, and I see Americans hating the new health care law, but accepting it because there is no backbone amongst our leaders to stand and fight for the liberty of all Americans.
     Republican governors such as Rick Snyder of Michigan, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, and John Kasich of Ohio have all allowed for the expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare. To the extent that there is a Republicant strategy, it seems to be not so much to oppose the unconstitutional law, but to "make it better." Some on the Right still hold out hope that if Republicants gain control of the Senate and hold the House after next year's mid-term elections, that that will be the time they will stand on their principles and fight ObamaCare, the scourge of liberty. This strategy is analogous to if the patriots in 1776 waited until they had a better equipped, better trained, and better funded army before they fought the British in the cause of liberty.
     All those modacans (moderate Republicans) who crucified Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, et al, for vociferously and bravely opposing ObamaCare to the point of a partial shutdown of the federal government, have been proven wrong. ObamaCare did not "collapse of its own weight," as they predicted it would. If anything, implementing the modacans' strategy of doing nothing has only cleared a path for the law to proceed unencumbered, gaining momentum every day it stands unopposed.
     And now as we exist in the space between the light of liberty that we leave behind in 2013, and the dark of tyranny that awaits us in 2014, the seconds, minutes, and hours tick away until the sunset of the patriots legacy and the dawn of the statist's oppression pass each other, the former to the ash heap of history, the latter to become the new order of the 21st century. One party has put flame to the United States Constitution, and the other has stood idly by, too afraid to implement the means by which the flames could be extinguished. This is the legacy of redistribution, the boot of big government on the citizen's neck, and the death of free choice that we leave the next generation.

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