Thursday, December 5, 2013

Faith-Based Environmentalism

     I am a Conservative, which means I believe in conserving not only the principles of liberty and freedom as outlined in the founding documents of this country, but I also believe in growing prosperity in a way that responsibly respects our resources and the environment. I also believe that science should be a relentless pursuit of the truth, no matter where that truth may lead. These are not beliefs shared by the modern environmental movement. Their goal is to redistribute wealth and destroy capitalism.
     The whole concept of man-made global warming is a religion that requires more faith than do other religions. This is because there is more evidence of the existence of God, than there is of man-made global warming. That is why recently the name of the movement has been changed from global warming to climate change. In this way, no matter what natural course the climate may follow, the anti-capitalists can use it to implement their redistributive policies. The change in the movement's name was also necessitated by the fact that since 1998 the globe has not warmed, and none of the dire predictions of environmental Armageddon that were made by people like Al Gore 20 years ago have come to fruition.
     At the very core of my argument is the fact that there have been times in the earth's history when the climate has been much warmer than it is now. This well known scientific fact did not lead to man's extinction. These periods were long before human industrialization and some were even before human existence. A case in point is Greenland, which today is covered by ice and snow most of the year. But it got its name because during the time of the Vikings it was fertile farm land that was green most of the year. And there are other examples, the famed ice caps that the anti-capitalist environmentalists like to point out are melting, are prime among them. Science informs us that prior to several million years ago, the ice caps did not even exist. How did the world continue to exist and thrive without the ice caps?
     Anyone who doubts the thesis of this post has only to consider Al Gore's statement of a dozen years ago when he said the time for debate on the subject was past, and the tenets of his faith were to be believed or else. The "or else" is public ridicule, learned men and women losing their jobs in academia and elsewhere, and public policy being implemented based on spurious scientific data. Even a religious zealot will debate the merits of his faith, but Mr. Gore and others have traveled far beyond the outer reaches of even the space occupied by zealots.
     The global warming/climate change subterfuge is beginning to be seen for the hoax that it is by an ever more informed public. As Al Gore and his gang of foil hat followers have been exposed as the frauds that they are, an ever increasing band of real scientists have been abandoning the hysteria of climate change in favor of the truth. The manufactured crisis of climate change is illustrative of the fact that the Left needs an uninformed public to advance their agenda. As the general population becomes more informed on a subject, the Lefts position begins to deteriorate like a rotting apple in the heat of the Summer sun. This is one of the core differences between Leftists and Conservatives, i.e., where the Left thrives on spreading ignorance and fleeing from the truth, the Right embraces more knowledge and information being possessed by the common man.
     On issue after issue, the Left tries to preserve the fragility of their ideological positions by encouraging, and in some cases legislating, ignorance. And when they are successful, liberty is diminished. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who once wrote that a nation can posses liberty or ignorance, but not both. Let us hope for the sake of this nation's liberty that the ignorance of man-made global warming continues to be destroyed by knowledge and truth.

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