Monday, January 21, 2013

Barack Obama: The Anti-King

     Today is inauguration day, although Barack Obama and Joe Biden officially took the oaths of their respective offices yesterday on January 20, as required by the Constitution. Today is the more public spectacle that will begin with the swearing in and end with multiple gala events known as inaugural balls. One of the highlights of any presidential inauguration is of course the inaugural address by the President. Usually it is a time for the President to outline in general terms his goals and aspirations for the country he serves. In the case of Barack Obama, it will no doubt be an opportunity to extol the virtues of his leftist ideology and engage in subtle hyperbole against anyone who would oppose him.
     Today is also Martin Luther King Jr. day, which is ironic given that Barack Obama is the antithesis of the great man who we honor with this holiday. Both in party affiliation (most Liberals seem to have conveniently forgotten that the Reverend King was a Republican) and in political and social values, there couldn't be two men further apart than Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. The Reverend King believed in the American values of hard work, individualism and personal liberty as a means of operating the most just society. Barack Obama sees a large and confiscatory central government as the way forward to social salvation. Reverend King believed that each man should be judged by the content of his character, and not the color of his skin. Barack Obama has spent almost his entire life promoting the proposition that special compensation and opportunity should be awarded to him based solely on his skin color. And he aims to make this favorable judgement a matter of government policy, not only based on skin color, but now on sexual preference and immigration status as well.
     The Reverend King loved America and the values and principles upon which it was founded. Barack Obama seeks to tear down those values and replace them with ones that he deems to be more fair and socially just. This is not simply speculation on my part, the President has stated from the beginning that he wanted to fundamentally transform America. The Reverend King wanted to embrace American values and convince this country to realize its full potential, not by transforming into something else, but by reaching back and pulling forward the principles of its founding. He sought to emblazon on each American heart the words enshrined in our founding documents and bring to fruition the dream of his and all of our founding fathers.
     As you experience snippets of inaugural hoopla today you will invariably hear references, vague or overtly, to Barack Obama being the realization of Reverend King's dream. Just consider that the source of these references originates from a political ideology which has sought to reshape, re-manufacture and re-package the man we honor with today's holiday. It is an ideology populated with people who in recent years have found Martin Luther King's spirituality so objectionable that they have dropped the word reverend from his title. It is also an ideology currently lead by the other man that some will honor today, Barack Obama, the anti-King.

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