Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama Gives Seminar On Creating Straw Men

     The first inauguration of Barack Obama was a shock following his election resulting from the 2008 campaign. Today, his inauguration is an insult of the highest magnitude to the Founding Fathers and the principles for which they fought and died. The President's speech swerved between mis-characterizing Reverend Martin Luther King's words and mission, to misstating the founding principles of this great nation. President Obama gave a seminar on how a community organizer creates straw men.
      One straw man manufactured by the President is that women aren't paid fairly for their work. He called it a matter of justice. I have to wonder in which century Mr. Obama lives? It's a myth that women are paid less for the same work as men when the number of hours worked is used in the calculation. Women take off more time from work to have children and are most likely to be caregivers to elderly parents. When everything else is equal and the number of hours is used to calculate pay, in many instances women make more than men. But the facts didn't stop the President from pretending this was 1913 instead of 2013.
     Another straw man that President Obama created right before the eyes of the nation was the notion that gays and lesbians are discriminated against. The fact that homosexuals have been able to marry each other for decades, but just don't have government recognition of their relationship as a marriage, escapes this fact-deprived President. He talked about gay love being as valuable as straight love. I have to wonder where the President gets the idea that it is suddenly within the purview of the federal government to value love. 
     When the President wasn't creating straw men during his second inaugural, he was attacking Republicants. And why shouldn't he? He has been able to launch attacks with impunity for the last four years without an effective response from Conservatives. President Obama transformed the inaugural address from an opportunity to unite the country into an extension of his presidential campaign, which had a central goal of dividing people into groups and pitting them against each other.  He used the word "collective", or some form of it, several times throughout the address, and employed all the major vehicles used by the Left to limit individual freedom and grow the power and scope of the federal government. The President once again furthered the ignorant position that science has agreed that man-made climate change is a threat worthy of draconian central government edicts that aim to limit wealth and freedom. President Obama used the plight of the elderly and the young to support even further expansion of an overly burdensome government.
     In the final analysis President Obama's second inaugural address can be summed up with one word, "redistribution." The thrust of this historically insignificant speech was the expansion of the federal government's ability to redistribute wealth. The words of Barack Obama should concern any American who values the Constitution and the power of the citizens to limit central government involvement in their affairs. In the hands of the Obamaites, government has transformed from protector to problem solver. And the more problems the federal government attempts to solve, the more it creates and the more it extends its power and control over the populace. Eventually it is liberty and freedom that become the real straw men.


  1. Most days I just want to weep at what is happening to our Country and the ability of Citizens to use their brains and think. Thank you for a good analysis of what is happening. Too bad the media is still fawning over O's words and missing the meaning of it all. So sad, too bad.

    1. Thanks for reading. I too am disappointed with the level of critical thinking happening among most of the American public. It is a result of the Left controlling the schools for the last 50 years. Like Plato said, "The two most important questions to a society is who is teaching the children and what are they teaching them."