Tuesday, January 15, 2013

President One Trick Pony

     Love him or hate him, the one thing that can not be denied about our newly re-elected President is that he is a very one dimensional person. In fact he is so singularly shallow that one can predict with pinpoint accuracy what he is going to say before he even opens his mouth to speak. This was the case at President Obama's press briefing yesterday, although it was less of a briefing and more like a continuation of the recent Presidential campaign, which was a continuation of the rhetoric from his first term, which was a continuation of the 2008 Presidential campaign and on and on and on ad infinitum.
     But I digress. President Obama's press conference yesterday can be summed up in one succinct statement, "I won, the Republicants lost and I will continue to expand the Federal government in order to take from the evil producers and give to the down trodden non-producers." There was no mention of solving this nations fiscal problems that he and his party have created over the last four years. In fact, he had the audacity to suggest that Republicants should increase the limit on the nation's credit card and expect nothing in return with respect to meaningful cuts to an egregiously bloated Federal budget. At one point in the press conference, President Obama compared the Federal debt to a restaurant bill for food that the Republicants ate but now don't want to pay for. But a better analogy would be that the Republicants ordered burgers and fries and the President ordered fillet mignon, lobster, smoked salmon, oysters, caviar, strawberries Arnuad and a $168,000.00 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon by Penfold to top off the meal, and the President now says he left his wallet in his other pants.
     President Obama thinks that his narrow re-election with less support than he received in 2008, means that the whole country is supportive of his economically destructive policies. He forgets that the same electorate that returned him to the Oval Office also returned control of the House of Representatives to the Republicant majority. I'm sure that John Boehner and the other Republicants in Congress were peeing their pants with fear at the prospect of having to negotiate the debt ceiling with Mr. Obama. But they should use their powerful position to impose the will of sanity on this One Trick Pony President, before his one trick precipitates him vanishing from office and leaving future generations stuck with the bill for his expensive tastes.

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