Monday, January 14, 2013

Barack Obama: Friend Of The Big Guy

     Barack Obama specifically, and Liberals in general, like to convince the public that they are defenders of the little guy to the exclusion of the evil big guy. But this thesis by the American  Left  is 180 degrees out of phase with the truth. Whether it is the Dodd/Frank financial reform law which favors large banks and financial institutions over smaller ones, or it is the recent so-called fiscal cliff tax policy created by the President and Congressional Democrats which favors the ultra wealthy over small business, the Democrats have a horrible record of defending the "little guy."
     There are two main aspects of Dodd/Frank, also known as financial regulation reform, that cause it to favor the larger financial institutions to the detriment of smaller ones. The first is that the legislation makes bailouts for larger institutions a matter of law. Dodd/Frank actually names more than half a dozen big banks that the Federal government is promising to save in the event of a financial catastrophe like the meltdown of 2008. This means that smaller institutions will necessarily be hung out to dry as a result of events that they most probably had no hand in shaping. The second aspect of Dodd/Frank which favors the survival of larger institutions over smaller ones is its cost. This single tome of legislation requires all financial institutions to spend millions on compliance, millions that smaller community banks and credit unions may not have. One of the best kept secrets by the main stream media during the Obama regime is the hundreds of small community banks and credit unions that have been shuttered. Their demise came not as a result of bad business practices, but simply because they were unable to afford the millions of dollars required to be compliant with Dodd/Frank. In fact, financial institutions spend 1.2 man hours on compliance for every 1 man hour they spend on the rest of their business functions. This alone favors the larger institutions that have more resources.
     The recent Democrat debacle known as the fiscal cliff deal, is another recent example of how Liberal policy favors the very rich at the expense of ordinary people. The bill raised tax rates on singles making over 400 thousand a year and couples making over 450 thousand a year. Many of these taxpayers run and/or invest in small businesses that employ 2/3 of all workers in this nation. Paying a higher tax rate will prevent them from expanding and hiring new workers, some may even layoff workers in an effort to survive. But the ultra-rich like Warren Buffet will still be paying a lower rate than their secretaries. This is because people like Warren Buffet live off carried interest which is taxed at the much lower capital gains tax rate. The higher tax rate on small businesses in combination with the implementation of ObamaCare, which is another Liberal disaster which will harm the little guy, are going to make it harder for average people to get and stay employed.
     Conservative policies favor everyone because they create opportunity for everyone while keeping government intervention to a minimum. When the private sector is allowed to grow unhindered by unnecessary and economically destructive government policy, it creates wealth for the largest number of people. If Barack Obama and the Democrats were truly concerned with the average citizen, they would not implement policies that favor their ultra-wealthy campaign donors and too-big-to-fail financial institutions. They would favor everyone by limiting government involvement in the affairs of private individuals and businesses, thus fostering an environment of wealth creation which helps more people than any government program or philosophy could ever hope to help.

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