Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Name Is Barack, And I'm A Spendaholic

     The biggest surprise to come out of the recent fiscal cliff debate was the revelation that President Obama told Speaker Boehner that there was no spending problem in Washington. The statement was illustrative of all the alcoholics I've ever known who deny they have a problem and blame everyone else who keep suggesting that they do. Barack Obama needs to admit that he has a problem with spending and get himself to a meeting. Sadly there is no evidence that Mr. Obama is now or will ever be ready to admit that he has such problem.
     But if the President were to admit that he is powerless over spending and that the budget he oversees has become unmanageable, it would be a first step on the road to recovery. But to start the healing process, Barack would have to turn over his will and his life to God as he understood Him in an effort to restore himself and the nation to sanity. To successfully complete this step, the President would have to admit that there is a higher power than government. He would also be required to make a searching and fearless inventory of himself, which he does not have the courage to perform.
     Of course even if Barack Obama completed the steps above, he would have to admit to another person the exact nature of his wrongs and humbly ask God to remove these character flaws. The President does not know the meaning of humility, let alone how to practice it. He would also need to make a list of all those he harmed in an effort to make amends. This list would fill volumes because it would have to include the entire nation sans union thugs, green energy campaign donors and Mexican drug cartels. After making amends to an entire nation, the President would have to embark on a journey of continual self inventory and promptly admit when he was wrong. This step would be near impossible for a perfect man like our President.
     The most important step in the President's recovery from spending would be for him to improve his contact with God through prayer in an effort to know His will for Barack. He would also have to use his spiritual awakening as a means to preach the benefits of spending recovery to the other spendaholics in Washington. The real tragedy of any addict is not the damage he does to himself through his behavior, but all the people in his life that are negatively affected. And in the case of Barack Obama, spendaholic, the list of victims includes over three hundred million people. But miracles can happen, and some day we may see the President rise and say, "My name is Barack, and I'm a spendaholic."

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  1. If O were a spendaholic your theory would work. However I believe that he is looking to destroy Capitalism and this great Nation because he believes we have been a destructive colonial Nation. Remember that Liberals have no need for facts, just feelings and he was instructed by devoted Communists and Marxists. Again, too bad so sad.

    1. You are correct, and I believe he is trying to redistribute the wealth of America to the rest of the world because he feels it was gained unjustly.