Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Crisis Whores

     "You never want to waste a crisis, it gives you the opportunity to do things you wouldn't normally be able to do." - Rohm Emanuel, President Obama's first Chief Of Staff, after the President won the 2008 presidential election. This statement by the ballerina thug could not have been a more accurate prediction of President Obama's first term. He and his administration have not missed an opportunity to use crisis to advance a leftist agenda and augment their power. Whether the crisis was real, like the financial meltdown that started his first term in office, or manufactured, as was the case of the BP Gulf oil spill. Every step of his first term was advanced by a sense of crisis that paved the road forward to a larger government and a smaller citizen.
     There have been quite a few coaches in the NFL that have lost their jobs recently due to a lack of adequate job performance. If Barack Obama was an NFL head coach, he would be one of those currently looking for work. He inherited a 5-11 team and turned it into a 1-15 team, all while losing fan support and plunging the club into an historic amount of debt. But he has been able to keep his job and gain more authority by keeping the country in a constant state of crisis. He uses crisis to increase his authority over a free people and expand an ever-powerful central government, just as a prostitute uses sex to get money. Every new crisis, whether real or manufactured, the President sees as an opportunity to expand the Federal government and redistribute earned wealth.
     The financial crisis he used to great effect to get a tax cheat confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury, pass a trillion dollar stimulus that only stimulated his union buddies and green industry campaign donors and impose thousands of new onerous Federal regulations on businesses, which has made a real economic recovery a quaint notion of a by-gone era. Not to mention confiscating an automobile manufacturer from its rightful owners and giving it to his union buddies. The President and his minions of street walkers constructed a phony health care crisis in order to pass a massive government take over of the health care industry. They used the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to cripple the drilling industry and force BP to pay billions of dollars into an Obama slush fund. And now the crisis whores seek to use the murderous rampage by one evil man to impose stricter regulations on law-abiding citizens in an effort to extinguish the flame of their God-given right to bear arms, which the Constitution reaffirms.
     If the activities of the crisis whores weren't bad enough, there are some misguided people on the right who actually are taken in by the crisis-mongering of the Obama administration. I've spent the last four years listening to so-called Conservatives like radio talk show host Michael Medved, be turned into chicken littles. Every time the crisis whores create a new hysteria like the debt ceiling or the fiscal cliff, the scared little rabbits on the right like Mr. Medved are ready to accept the crisis whores' premise that the world will end unless their "solutions" are enacted. And therein lies the real problem in the Republicant party, they accept the premises of the left and therefore they are allowed to stand. This gives the crisis whores fuel to create a virtually unlimited amount of crisis with which they can expand government and contract freedom.

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