Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Democrats Are Not Interested In Securing The Border

     Yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada President Obama laid out a general overview for his immigration reform. Why the President had to fly a total of nine hours round trip and spend millions of taxpayer dollars for security while in Vegas, is beyond comprehension. The President spoke about the nation having the resolve to finally fix the immigration problem and put it behind us. Where has the President been for the last 10 years that Republicants have been proposing just that?
     The immigration debate is not really about immigration, but about people who break our laws and breach our unsecured borders. President Obama and his party have turned a simple matter of securing the border into some sort of civil rights issue. I just wonder if the President and the Democrats would be so reluctant to secure the border and so eager to give illegals the precious rights of citizenship if most of them voted Republicant? Therein lies the real motivation for the President's plan of converting illegal aliens into full-fledged citizens, it is so they can elect Democrats to public office.
     The President and his party don't want to secure the border because they see a porous border as an endless source of new voters. They would rather secure political power for themselves than execute their oath to protect this country. In order to understand the Democrats' position on immigration, one only needs to understand the source of the Democrats political existence. Having a growing underclass of people dependent on the Federal government, is the only way in which Democrats can win elections and hold political sway over the country. That's why the President made it clear that he has no interest in securing the border, but only creating a way to transform law-breaking illegals into Democrat-voting citizens.
     If Republicants were politically savvy, they would expose the Democrats' true intentions on border security by proposing something similar to the Limbaugh plan. Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh proposed that our side agree to the amnesty plan the Democrats are pursuing but with one caveat, the newly formed citizens could not vote for 25 years. The great alacrity with which Democrats would lose interest in a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens would be spellbinding to watch.
     Like every other issue that takes common sense to resolve, border security and dealing with illegal aliens already in this country, is made overly complicated by the politics of Washington. Prior to Democrats figuring out that they could convert illegal aliens into legal voters, our country protected our borders and deported those who broke our laws to take up residence here. But this common sense approach to border security, which almost every other country in the world employs, seems to be beyond the American political system.

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