Thursday, January 10, 2013

ObamaCare: The System Designed To Fail

     This year is going to be a very important one, in which ObamaCare will be fully implemented to forever change the health care industry in this country. Or it will struggle on life support under the weight of its own bureaucracy. If the former comes to fruition and it is fully implemented, ObamaCare will not only destroy the best health care industry in the world, but it will fundamentally change the Constitutional relationship between the Federal government and the citizen.
     The object of the Obamacare exercise is to legislate profit out of the health care industry. This will reduce the number of doctors and other health care providers and the number of commercial insurers. There will be fewer and fewer insurance companies that will be willing to provide health insurance at no profit. It will necessarily make the Federal government not only the insurer of last resort, but the only insurer. This, of course, is consistent with what Barack Obama told a group of union supporters a few years ago, i. e. his end goal was for a single-payer health care system. ObamaCare is legislation that is designed to fail so that the government can rush in and "solve" a problem they themselves created. No rational person can think that the quality of health care can be maintained in a system where there are fewer health care providers and less incentive for qualified people to even enter the field. And with the profit motive removed, there will be less innovation in the future, not more.
     The reason that socialized, single-payer  health care has failed everywhere it has been tried is that it violates the immutable economic law of supply and demand. When government controls health care expenditures, not only do those costs necessarily rise, but the lower supply of medical care always leads to rationing. This result is a predictable outcome where a good or service is paid for by a third party and not by the individual. To illustrate my point, think about health care like  hot dogs. If you sold the best all-beef, skin-on-the-wiener frankfurters in town, your price would be controlled by market forces such as your costs for the product and the amount the customer was willing to pay. The profit you made would allow you to invest in your business and grow it so you could serve more frankfurters to more people. If the government suddenly decided to take over the frankfurter business in an effort to supply everyone with free hot dogs, demand would outpace supply because with no profit motive you would not expand your business. You would also be forced to use inferior wieners. Eventually the customer would have fewer options available as they relate to how many and the quality of hot dogs they could secure.
     Liberals have convinced many in this country that making a profit on health care is somehow unseemly or immoral, as if health care professionals should provide their expertise and goods as a public service. But it is odd that Liberals have no problem with teachers, firemen, policemen and librarians making a profit performing public service jobs. And for that matter, why should politicians make a profit? Aren't they, after all, public servants?  With the moral decay in Washington and the entrenchment of corruption, politicians no longer serve the public but themselves. And the new health care system is illustrative of not only legislation designed to fail but a failure in the political system that created it.

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  1. I wonder at the temerity of the trial lawyers. I believe that a lot of health care costs come from law suits that should never have seen the light of day. Do the lawyers still believe that the golden goose will be alive after the government take-over of health care? Another thought, because of the lawyers, few vaccines are produced in the U.S.. Perhaps we will gain an ally??

    1. Fear of being sued has also caused doctors to prescribe tests and procedures just to cover themseleves. This has increased costs dramatically.