Friday, January 18, 2013

Whistling Past The Graveyard Of Failed Obama Policies

     Recently while listening to a moderate Republicant radio talk show host degrade the National Rifle Association for their ad pointing out President Obama's hypocrisy on the armed guards in the schools issue, I was reminded of the old saying about whistling past a graveyard. One would whistle past a graveyard in an attempt to distract him from the unease he might otherwise feel in the situation. It seems that some on the right (and in the case of radio talk show host Michael Medved, just barely on the right) wish to whistle past the graveyard of President Obama's failed policies instead of confront them in the manner in which they should be confronted. And therin lies the problem with the Republicant party.
     There is no attempt made by the Republicant party on a national level, or by these go along to get along Republicants like Mr. Medved, to engage the enemy on the battlefield of politics. I suppose that some would even have difficulty with my use of the term enemy to describe the Democrat Left, but make no mistake that is exactly how they view Conservatives. And in a real sense there is a war, not only for political control, but for influence over the culture. Every day that the Right refuses to vehemently defend the homeland of our founding principles from the invaders of Leftism, is one day closer we move towards tyranny. This may sound overly dramatic to some, but think about how far we have already strayed from the values of freedom outlined by a limited government.
     It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "When the government fears the people there is liberty, and when the people fear the government there is tyranny." You tell me if we haven't already achieved the latter of Jefferson's statement. Banks are afraid to make loans or conduct their normal business operations for fear of being sued by an over zealous Justice Department. Private property owners can not do with their land that which they want for fear of an ever more powerful Environmental Protection Agency literally ruining there lives with fines and lawsuits. Under the auspices of "affordable" health care, for the first time in our history individuals will be forced by the power of government to buy a product, i. e. health insurance. And religious institutions will be forced by that same government to violate their religious principles or close up shop. The tyranny of political correctness, with the full force of government behind it, has made it a crime to publicly oppose certain sacraments of the Left such as gay marriage and abortion. You decide for yourself if you think the government fears you or you fear the government.
     As long as Republicants and Conservatives simply whistle past the graveyard of the Lefts failed statist policies, tyranny will grow and become stronger. Every generation must seize for itself the blessings of liberty and pledge its fortune, its life and its sacred honor to the cause of defeating those who would steal the people's birth rite to that liberty.


  1. I can't whistle...never learned I guess I'll just have to fight!


    1. That's good, we need more like you. Thanks for reading.