Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Fact-Deprived Left

     When in the course of advancing their agenda, the Left in this country refuse to let facts get in the way of passing evermore restrictive legislation. It is confounding to Conservatives and is probably the reason we have had such a difficult time winning the PR war against the modern-day Liberal advance. And it goes to the very core of the difference between Conservatives and Liberals, i. e. Conservatives are guided by the founding principles of this nation along with experience and Liberals are guided almost entirely by the emotion of the moment. Allowing emotions to be the primary ingredient for decisions is a recipe for disaster, whether for an individual or a nation.
     Health care is a glaring example of my thesis. When the emotion of the issue is removed, any reasonable person would have looked at the U.S. health care industry and determined that it was the most advanced in the world. It is an industry which has driven medical advancements for the last 50 years, and brought life to those who would have formerly died. These advancements that have propelled the human condition to heights never before seen, were driven mostly by a thriving private sector operating under the auspices of the free market. The problems that existed in the health care industry were mostly confined not to its delivery and quality of care, but to insurance coverage. And these insurance problems were mostly the result of government involvement that increased exponentially over the last 40 years. In every poll taken on health care in the last 20 years, the results showed that over 85% of people were completely satisfied with their health care. I think any business with a satisfaction rate that high is healthy and not, as Liberals would have you believe, on the brink of coming apart at the seems. But Liberals trotted out isolated individuals who they say were abandon by an unfeeling, profit-motivated system in an effort to convince the public at large to allow them to run health care in a more compassionate way. Even using this blatantly emotional subterfuge, Liberals were not able to convince a majority of the public to agree with them. So they did what Liberals do when their policies govern against the will of the people, they ram them through Congress using bribes and kick backs and have a compliant court back them up.
     A further example of my thesis is the way in which Liberals used the Sandy Hook murder spree to advance their anti-second amendment agenda. They used slaughtered children as a prop to convince the people of this great nation to abandon their God-given right to defend themselves as they see fit. It is a purely emotional argument when one considers the actual facts. Two thirds of all gun deaths are suicides and when added to suicides committed using other methods, they account for five times the number of homicides committed with guns. There are also more crimes prevented by law-abiding citizens using fire arms than there are crimes committed by criminals using them. And while the number of guns per-capita has increased dramatically over the last 20 years, the number of violent crimes has actually decreased. All these facts don't enter into the Liberal sphere because they contradict their contention that stricter gun laws are needed to protect the public.
     It is a difficult challenge to argue against emotion, anyone who has tried to reason with an emotional child knows this to be true. But it is a challenge that Conservatives must become more apt at meeting if we wish save this great Republic that the founders bequeathed us. It is not only essential to the survival of our great nation, but to the survival of freedom and liberty everywhere, of which we are the last standard bearers.

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  1. Again, well said. There is no reasoning with a Liberal just as Boehner should have known there is no reasoning with Obama. A few years ago McCain was scammed by a Liberal ruse to make him think everyone wanted election reform. Here in fly over country we were all scratching our heads at the necessity for reform when it wasn't needed. That brought us the McCain Finegold bill. What a mess. They have been scamming us for years. Too bad a light bulb hasn't gone off yet. Good post as usual. Thank you.

    1. Hey Unknown, thanks for the kind words. Yeah, McCain/Fiengold made it so only the rich could enter politics and grass roots organizatioins could barely afford to be compliant with the law.