Friday, January 11, 2013

With Half His Race Tied Behind His Back

     Recently I was thinking how it was that Barack Obama has been able to win the Presidency twice and seemingly move the country further to the left than we have ever been. Beyond the soaring rhetoric and the promise of an ever-expanding list of goodies from the Federal government, there is but one explanation that has brought this country and Barack Obama to this very point in history.
     Barack Obama has built a successful political career with half his race tied behind his back. He stresses his black half to the exclusion of his white half. This is because his blackness allows him certain political advantages that his white half does not. He can, for instance, play on white quilt in order to convince whites not to challenge his positions for fear of being called racists. There is no such thing as black quilt, and therefore no political advantage to stressing his whiteness. Barack Obama's blackness is a huge advantage, especially after the Left has spent the last couple of decades softening the target with political correctness and revisionist history. Anyone who is intellectually honest realizes that with a white mother and a black father, Barack Obama is as much white as he is black. But listening to him since he burst onto the national political scene in 2004, one would think he had no white blood at all. Throughout his two biographies he laments the challenges and deficits of being a black man in America, but oddly enough never embraces his white half.
     Author, Sheldon Steele, made the observation that Barack Obama realized at a young age that the best way to enlist whites in his cause was not to appear radical or angry, but to be a bargainer. He convinces whites that supporting him will absolve them of sins committed against the black man by their ancestors. In exchange for this support, he presents a portrait of a moderate and reasonable man who is in no way radical or angry. He in essence becomes a salve that soothes the racially troubled soul of a guilty white nation. But he could never achieve this grand bargain if his white half were allowed to carry the same currency as his black half. This is why during the 2008 Presidential campaign he had to throw his white grandmother under the bus by calling her a "typical white person." This allowed him to distance himself from his white heritage and become fully black in the eyes of the electorate. He used this same strategy to distance himself from the radical black community when he threw Reverend Wright overboard.
     From that moment eight years ago when Barack Obama gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democrat convention, he has been cleansing himself of his whiteness until there are no traces remaining. It is partially the reason he makes statements like the one he made about Treyvon Martin, saying that if he had a son he'd look like Treyvon. Looking over the last four years, one can find many similar statements that are designed to reinforce Barack Obama's blackness while mitigating his whiteness until it disappears all together, at least in the minds of many. Much credit must be given to Barack Obama, he has been able to rise to the highest levels of power with no experience or accomplishments to speak of and with half his race tied behind his back.

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  1. Why did you change your page profile? It's easier for me to read the black print. As to O, he is not an American in the sense that he went to baseball games and the fourth of July parades. He cannot relate to these experiences and therefore has no idea what it is to be an American. The pride and the accomplishments are not his, therefore the you didn't build this. Too bad, so sad.

    1. Unknown, You were not the only one who complained, so the people have spoken and I have listened. As for you other point, I agree totally with you analysis.