Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Mis-Adventures Of The Republicants

     Now that both the House and Senate have passed the so-called fiscal cliff bill, which actually doesn't even begin to address the fiscal problems of this nation, I am wondering where the people's representation has gone. The bill adds 4 trillion dollars to the debt over the next ten years and raises $42 in taxes for every $1 dollar of so-called cuts. The supposed cuts are only a reduction in the rate of growth, not meaningful cuts to an overly-bloated Federal budget. The bill also extends unemployment for another year, which guarantees that the unemployed will have no incentive to go back to work and lower the overall unemployment rate. The most egregious part of this bill is what is not in it, i. e. a resolution to the automatic spending cuts called the sequestration.
     Our elected deadbeats in Congress have decided not to do their jobs once again, and have delayed any action on the sequestration. I can almost expect this kind of behavior from the Democrats, who have refused to fulfil even their basic Constitutional responsibility of passing a budget for the last four years, but I am really disillusioned with Republicans. I am so upset at the seemingly impotent way in which the Republicans have conducted themselves in the last 2 years, from now on I am calling them the Republicants. They seem unable to stop this President from destroying the greatest engine of economic growth in the world.
     It was the fecklessness of the Republicants that lead the nation to the fiscal cliff because they were unwilling to stand on principles. First, during the lame-duck session of Congress after the 2010 mid-term elections when they agreed to only extend the Bush-era tax rates for another two years, instead of making them permanent. And secondly, during the debt ceiling debate in August of 2011, when they abdicated their responsibility to the nation and allowed Democrats and the President to borrow trillions more and put in place the ticking time bomb of sequestration. In every struggle for the health of the nation, the Republicants have been bamboozled, bested and befuddled by an incompetent President and petulant Democrats in the Senate.
     I had high hopes during the first part of the President's first term, when Republicants stood unified in voting against Obamacare and the first stimulus bill. But it seems as though they became weaker after winning the House in 2010, which gave them tremendous power, if they only weren't afraid to use it. And losing this past election to a President that is probably the most demonstrable failure in presidential history, further reinforced the Republicants can't do attitude. I understand the arguments against a third party, but with Republicants unwilling to take up the mantle of Conservatism and fight for what is right, I feel there may be no other way. I don't expect my representatives to win every battle, but for the sake of this great nation they must at least show up on the battle field armed with their best.

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