Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Lefts War On Distinction

     In the battle for cultural and political influence in America, the saying, "All is fair in love and war", could not be more applicable. Especially as it applies to those on the Left. They are entirely invested in the war part, and will stop at no deception or dishonesty in order to impose their agenda on the American people. The devices employed by the Left to achieve their goals include class warfare, race baiting and demonizing their opposition rather than debating them, even if they have to lie. One of the favorite vehicles of the Left for imposing their will is the removal of distinction.
      Distinction is one of the main ingredients of truth, which is an enemy to the religion of Leftism. The most blatant distinction that the Left has tried to obliterate over the last couple of decades, is the distinction between men and women. Their efforts include convincing parents that they shouldn't provide their children with sex-specific toys, i. e. boys should play with dolls and girls with trucks. This misguided belief that there is no difference between men and women except the obvious physical ones, has lead to a weakening of the family structure and a break down of our culture. The weakening of the family comes as a result of little or no importance being placed on the superior child-raising environment that is provided by a father and a mother living together with the child in the same house. The result of less and less importance being placed on the traditional family is more single-parent homes. Studies have shown that single-parenting leads to more drug abuse, an increased high school drop-out rate, a much greater likelihood of involvement in crime and a higher rate of incarceration for the children raised in single-parent homes. But the Left isn't concerned with what's best for society, but what is best for a government-centric society. And creating more dependence and the opportunity to implement bureaucracy is what is best for their idea of Utopia.
     Another distinction that is a favorite target of the Left is the one between God and man. To those on the Left there is no higher authority than government, so the idea that the values upon which a free society should operate come from God and not man, is an idea that must be destroyed so that big government can thrive. The Left, through their media and entertainment dominance, have gone a long way to criminalizing faith, especially Christianity. And recently with the implementation of Obamacare, religious freedom as defined by the Constitution, is being threatened through legislation. If the Left can succeed in removing the distinction between God and man, promoting the idea that each man is his own moral authority, then they can elevate the central government to the level of God. And once morality and rights come from government and not God, the path is made easy for the advancement of tyranny.
     There are many other distinctions that the Left tries to erase in an effort to consolidate power in the federal government which they control. But the one distinction which is at the heart of all others is the one between truth and lie. The truth is very inconvenient to the promotion of Leftism and so they convince people that there are no solids, only fluids that ebb and flow based on specific situations and not on any natural truths or laws . And in the opinion of those on the Left, the most fluid of truths that must be neutered is the Constitution.

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