Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How The Republicant Party Became So Extreme

     The recent revelation of the Internal Revenue Service practice of targeting Conservative groups with unfair scrutiny is a result of a culture that was developed and encouraged by the White House, the purpose of which was to silence opposition to an unpopular agenda. I believe the strategy of using the power of federal agencies, like the IRS, to destroy political opposition to the President was a deliberate intent by Barack Obama from the first day he entered the 2008 presidential race. In fact, candidate Barack Obama bragged about being an admirer of Saul Alinsky, whose book, Rules For Radicals, the president claims as one of his major influences. Saul Alinsky promoted imposing unpopular agendas by agitating groups in the community against one another, and whenever possible using the power of government to silence political opposition.
     Barack Obama was able to wrestle the Democrat nomination away from Hillary Clinton (Remember when she was not only the fait accompli to be the Democrat nominee in 2008, but also to be elected President?) using the same Alinskyite tactics as he has used to maintain power the last four and a half years. Many have forgotten that Mrs. Clinton won most of the major Democrat primaries, but it was the caucus states, where candidate Obama was able to employ the thuggery of community agitation to become his party's nominee. After that, it was a matter of doing a cake walk to the presidency with his Republicant opponent, John McCain, practically campaigning for him.
     The Tea Party came along at just the right time for the President. Before Barack Obama slithered onto the national political stage, Democrats and the rest of the Left had had some success in demonizing Republicants and Conservatives, but were not entirely successful in characterizing them as radicals and outside the mainstream. This is because the party of Lincoln still had an air with the American people as being traditional and long-standing on the nation's political stage. Until, that is, the advent of the Tea Party. With the formation of the Tea Party, President Obama and his minions of "kiss the ground he walks on worshipers" were able to give an extremist face to Conservatism, even though the extremity of the Tea Party was an expectation of fiscal responsibility on the part of the federal government. The Tea Party had no John McCains, Bob Doles or John Boehners, so it was an easy target of the Alinsky President for character assassination using the weapons of racism and radicalism.
     The President has achieved success (his only one in fact) at making people believe that the Republicant party has been hi-jacked by extremists like the Tea Party. The result of this has been not only to convince the low information voters, but Republicants inside the establishment of the party, that if Republicants would shake off the shackles of the Tea Party and return to their "non-partisan" ways, the country could experience the Nirvana that President Obama's policies would surely bestow upon this great nation.

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