Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Media's Attempt At Reputation Repair

     Some Conservatives and Republicants have been doing handstands over the media's seeming attention to journalistic probity as it relates to the current Obama administration scandals. Some on the right even think that because the Obama administration, through the Holder Justice Department, has targeted journalists, that this means the media will finally wake up and report the truth about President Obama and his many failures. I would caution my friends on the right not to be fooled by the phony outrage of the media over the Associated Press scandal involving the Justice Department secretly, and some say illegally, looking at the phone records of journalists there. After decades of shaping the news to advance a Leftist agenda, the main stream media is not going to suddenly find journalistic integrity over a little government intrusion into a few of their phone records.
     My theory is that the media's interest in the recent administration scandals has more to do with rehabilitating what is left of their credibility than any "come to Jesus" moment as it relates to a renewed dedication to the truth. After four years of exchanging their sacred constitutional duty to inform the public, for the role of court jesters in the Barack Obama White House, the media has even less credibility with the public than Congress. It is not simply the non-reporting of President Obama's failures and blunders, but the incessant praise-heaping the media bestows upon Barack Obama without any evidence of behavior worthy of that praise. They have purposely or unwittingly mistaken political acumen for intelligence as it relates to our President, and in so  doing have destroyed the modicum of integrity they had left with the public.
      Recently, the New York Times tried to excuse the media's lack of reporting on the IRS scandal (where Conservative groups applying for non-profit tax status were targeted for extra scrutiny) a year ago when they were made aware of it, saying that they were preoccupied with Rush Limbaugh's insult of Sandra Fluke on his radio show. Of course the real reason was that it was a scandal that could have cost President Obama the election in November, and the media had already expended too much time and energy propping up an obviously failed presidency to let that happen. They also knew that exposing the scandal would have meant that the IRS would not be able to continue in its suppression of Mitt Romney votes, which I think was instrumental in assuring an election win for President Obama.
     So, with Barack Obama safely re-elected, and the mid-term elections two years away, the media could comfortably report on the scandalous behavior of the Obama administration in an effort to show that they were fair and balanced. The limp outrage over these scandals by the media was just enough to put them on record as having reported them, but not enough to do any real damage to President Obama. In the process they hope to regain some of the credibility they have lost with the public over their evangelizing of Barack Obama and all things Leftist.

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