Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bureaucrastein Of The Left

     There is a tenet of human psychology as it relates to behavior which contends that many people will see in others a weakness that they themselves posses. In some cases this behavior will be taken to extreme, and people may actually accuse others of engaging in the negative behavior in which the accuser engages. This transference has always been a staple of the Left, but it has never had a more comfortable home than it does in the current administration.
     Barack Obama and others on the Left have an almost involuntary response to being held accountable for their bad behavior by accusing their political opponents of manufacturing it in order to advance a political agenda. Part of the reason they do this is to escape accountability for their actions, but the larger impetus at work is that they see every scrap of bread from the daily loaf  of public service as a means to feed their own political aspirations. Because they think in these terms, they assume everyone does, and therefore their political opponents can only be questioning their bad behavior for political gain and not because it is the right thing to do. So they accuse their political opponents of manufacturing scandals for political gain because it is what they do.
     Leftists have campaigned for many decades to convince the voting public that they are the "compassionate" and "fair" ones and anyone who opposes them is not. Therefore, anything they do is beyond reproach, even if it is also beyond the law. Such is the case with the many recent scandals that have been brought into the disinfecting sunlight of public scrutiny. But this sense of entitlement to deceive the public that is the Lefts bread and butter of their political and public policy discourse, goes beyond the major scandals and comprises their daily business as usual.  President Obama embodies the "governing through deception" model of every other authoritarian throughout history.
     This "governing through deception" pre-dates Mr. Obama's entrance onto the national political stage and is a tactic he learned as a community agitator. The successful community agitator will develop a skill for manufacturing a problem or crisis, attaching it to a producer in the community such as a wealthy individual or successful business and then fomenting hatred and outrage among the non-producers in the community against the aforementioned target. Illustrative of this point is the issue of health care. In poll after poll for the last 20 years, over eighty percent of Americans were happy with their health care. The problems that did exist were in health care insurance, not the health care delivery system. But Barack Obama, like other Democrats before him, transformed a few problems with health care insurance into a reason for a government take over of health care. He did it by fomenting hatred and derision for insurance companies, doctors and hospitals among those who were likely to abdicate the responsibility for their own health care in favor of having others provide it for them through a big government bureaucracy.
     You may be asking, at this point, "What does health care have to do with Democrats blaming Republicants for trying to politicize the recent administration scandals?" It is the nature of the Leftist beast to deceive, whether the purpose is in the growing of the government monster ever bigger and more intrusive or whether the purpose is to protect the bureaucrastein they have created in their laboratory of deception and lies.   

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