Friday, May 3, 2013

The Silk Purse Of 'American Values'

     The incompetence of the Obama administration with regards to executing a successful national security plan, is both a sin of omission and commission. The sin of omission is not being able to connect the dots to prevent terrorists like the Boston bombers from reaching their target with life threatening ordinance. The sin of commision is actually in providing these particular terrorists with financial support in the form of 100 thousand dollars in welfare benefits.
     In just over four years of the Obama administration, the United States has witnessed 5 separate terrorist attacks where the terrorists have reached their targets with life threatening ordinance. The Boston bombing is the latest, but before this most recent attack there was the Fort Hood terrorist attack that took 13 lives, the Alabama military recruiting station attack that took almost half a dozen lives, the Times Square attack and the so-called "underwear bomber." The last two attacks did not result in any casualties only because of the incompetence of the terrorists. In the hands of better trained terrorists, those attacks would have netted the bad guys innocent American lives.
     When compared to the last seven years of the Bush administration after September 11, 2001 in which there were zero attacks on the homeland, the Obama administration's dismal record on protecting the nation is abundantly demonstrated by the five attacks by terrorists whose cowardice took innocent American lives. There are several reasons for the Obama administration's failure to adequately protect the governed for which they took an oath to do so. But beyond all the reasons of incompetence, there lies an ideological one that is the most dangerous to this country.
     The Obama administration is bound by its rigid adherence to political correctness not to employ one of the oldest and most effective tools of law enforcement, i.e., profiling. This cornerstone of law enforcement and crime prevention has been made morally equivalent by the Left with the terrorist acts its use would prevent. To paraphrase Ann Coulter, when virtually one hundred percent of terrorist attacks are carried out by radical Islamic men under the age of 35, that is not profiling but a suspect description. And if acts of terror were being committed by Christians, you can bet Leftists like President Obama would have no problem profiling any and all Christians.
     The president and other administration officials have said that profiling is not consistent with our values as Americans, as if allowing people to blow us up is. Besides, these people who talk about values are the very same ones that support the barbaric practice of infanticide and even use taxpayer money to pay for it. Not only that, but President Obama himself, while in the Illinois state legislature, supported a law to allow babies who survived abortions to have their lives taken from them outside the womb. And they dare hi-jack the term 'American Values' to give aid and support to an enemy whose stated aim it is to kill as many Americans as possible and impose their evil ideology on our culture. Not only is the hypocrisy of the Left in full bloom with this issue, but their strict adherence to political correctness allows them to sell the sow's ear of their incompetence as the silk purse of 'American Values.' 

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