Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mockery As A Substitute For Leadership-The Obama Way

     We all know that a vigorous debate of the issues and an equal airing of differing political views is not something to which President Obama subscribes. In fact, it is something that the Left in general runs away from at every opportunity. The derision of conservatives is not an end in itself for Barack Obama, but simply a means to a bigger end, i.e., elimination of all opposition to his agenda. Once the public can be convinced that a group of people are less than human, it is easier for that group to be shackled. Either physically in chains (as was the case with slavery in the pre-Civil War South), or virtually by using government agencies such as the IRS to limit their participation in the political process (as is the case today with the Obama administration against Conservative groups).
      Dehumanization was the essential factor that made slavery in the pre-Civil War South such an abomination. When people grew up in an environment that taught them that blacks were less than human, and even inherently more capable of evil than whites, it was easier to have public support for enslavement of the black race. Similarly, the almost daily derision of conservatives as something they are not is not only a means to disagree with their policy positions, but to dehumanize them as not worthy to participate in national life. This was made abundantly clear by President Obama a few years ago when he said Republicants had to ride in the back seat and keep their mouths shut. The closing of Republicant-owned GM dealerships after the Obama administration illegally took control of that company and the raids of Gibson guitar, which has a Republicant CEO, are further evidence of using the power of government to silence opposition. It becomes easier for bureaucrats to discriminate against conservative groups like the Tea Party because after all, "They are just teabaggers, even the President said so."
     Once a community agitator like Barack Obama has succeeded in marginalizing and eliminating the opposition, no plan of his own is needed to get the support of the American people, or any group of people that have been similarly fooled. Last fall's election is illustrative of this fact in as much as not even the most ardent Obama supporter could name one plan or policy that President Obama proffered as anything different than what produced 8 million fewer people working than when he took office in January, 2009 and a gross domestic product that has grown at an anemic rate of less than two percent a year. I remind you that at this point in the Reagan recovery, the economy was growing at six to seven percent a quarter and produced months in which half a million or more jobs were added.
     The public will accept the mediocrity of failed policies when the alternative has been mocked and ridiculed daily by a spiteful President and his legions of sycophants in the media. For those on the Left like Barack Obama, who only have vacuous ideas and an impoverished and failed political ideology, mockery of the opposition is all that is available to them. And mockery, as a substitute for leadership, is not commensurate with the greatest nation in history.

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