Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Left Bases The Morality Of Life In The Human Heart

     A recent illustration of Leftist hypocrisy is the case of Ariel Castro, the monster who kidnapped, tortured and held three young girls against their will for up to a decade. The hypocrisy is in charging Mr. Castro with murder for taking the lives of his captives' unborn children. My question is, "Where are the protests from all those Leftists who believe abortion is not murder?" All the arguments they make in support of abortion are exactly the reasons that Mr. Castro can not be charged with murder, if there is any consistency in the Leftist ideology. The arguments that a fetus is not a human life until it is born, and that an unborn fetus is just part of a woman's body, like a wart, are the very arguments that should be animating the Left in defending Mr. Castro against the charge of murder. Would Mr. Castro be charged with murder had he removed warts from his captives bodies?
     The Lefts argument in favor of abortion requires intelligent people to believe that the very scientific and biologically based question of life is simply determined by the opinion created by the mother's choice. In other words, all science and biology takes a back seat to someone's decision to label the unborn child as either an inconvenience or a blessing. The hypocrisy of women who so easily and callously support the termination of unwanted life, but yet expect the entire society to perform handstands in celebration of their wanted pregnancies, has always fascinated and frustrated me. And the same women who support a woman's "choice" to kill her unborn child, are the same ones who want special treatment by strangers because they choose to allow their own babies to live.
     The Ariel Castro case and the Kermit Gosnell case (he is the Philadelphia abortion doctor who murdered live babies outside the womb in some horrific and despicable ways) are similar to each other. Both cases are illustrative of the Lefts hypocrisy as it relates to abortion and the question of the sanctity of life. In the Leftist world, the question of life is decided by human beings and not the moral code of God's natural law. The troubling aspect of such a practice is that human beings are fallible and are basically bad, that is why civilization can only remain civilized by following the natural laws of God. There is no morality without God-centered law, otherwise one is simply obeying the ever-changing laws of man for man's sake and no other reason. Morality is a set of unchangeable values that act to restrict the evil nature of humans. This point is boldly highlighted by the Lefts hypocritical view that the morality of life and death is based solely in the human heart and not, as it should be, in the immutable laws of God. 


  1. It has always surprised me how the liberal politics were so disconnected from reason ability. their conclusions make no sense. The same with women's libs. A woman needs to have complete say over their bodies and then say nothing about sheria law and the complete possession of women. Go figure.

    1. I think it is because 1) Leftism is based purely on emotion, which will always lead one astray and 2)To those who believe it, Leftism comes before anything else, even a religious faith that people say they believe.