Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bizarro World Of Barack Obama

     In an issue of Superman comic, the caped crusader enters a bizarro world where everything is the opposite of reality in the real world. In this bizarro world, up is down, black is white and truth is fiction. Watching the Obama administration over the last four plus years has been analogous to entering a bizarro world. Never more so than watching a delusional President Obama struggling through his press conference yesterday. The president, if he actually believes what he said, is worthy of psychological study as a severely delusional person, or he is just a pathological liar.
     When President Obama was asked about the Benghazi terrorist attack last September 11, I am surprised he did not say, "What attack?" I half expected the president to deny that any Americans were killed in Benghazi, and that he had just had lunch with the deceased Ambassador Stevens a few days ago. When asked about crucial emails, which not only contradicted the administration's version of events, but showed a deliberate attempt to lie to the American people, the president said there was no there there. He said no emails would be forthcoming because they were already shared with Congress months ago. The truth is that the emails were viewed by Congressional members investigating the attack, but they were not allowed to copy them or leave a guarded room with the information. This is why the request for the administration to release the emails was made by Darrell Issa's committee. So the president was a little disingenuous when he made the statement that emails were "turned over" to congress. Common sense would inform a rational person that if Congress had the emails already, the request for them would not have been necessary. But in the bizarro world of Barack Obama, his administration shows cooperation simply by saying they are cooperating.
     President Obama took viewers of his press conference into his bizarro world again when he said that Susan Rice was speaking from the information the administration knew at the time when she went on the Sunday shows five days after the attack and stated that it was a spontaneous demonstration in response to an anti-Muslim YouTube video. We know from the testimony last week of Gregory Hicks, the number two diplomat in Libya under Ambassador Stevens, that the administration knew from the start that the attack was pre-planned and orchestrated by an Al Qaeda-style terrorist group. Besides, President Obama proffered the video lie several times in his speech to the United Nations a full two weeks after the attack, which even by the administration's timeline, places it well after they knew it was a terrorist attack and not in response to a video. And the President's spokeskid, James Carney, was publicly blaming the video for the attack months later.
     One of the most effective characteristics of any leader is being tethered to reality and willing to accept responsibility for solutions to problems. An illustration of this point is how Tylenol handled the tampering of their product which lead to several deaths back in the 1980s. They admitted what happened, recalled all their outstanding product and developed the first tamper-resistant cap for their medications. If Barack Obama had been in charge of Tylenol, he would have denied that the company even made any medications, and of course blamed the deaths on Republicants. Such is the dangerous foolishness that we must now suffer as a result of so many voters who willingly inhabit the bizarro world of Barack Obama.

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