Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Stupid Things That Leftists Believe

     The difference between the Left and the Right is not so much a difference of opinion, with both paths leading to the same result. Nor is the difference simply between two meritorious schools of thought as a means of creating the most prosperous and free society. The real difference between the Right and the Left is that the former bases its conclusions and beliefs on the experience of history guided by intelligence, the latter bases its entire stock and trade in emotional stupidity.
     The first stupidest thing that Leftists believe is that even if criminals were somehow prevented from obtaining firearms, that they would stop committing crimes and society would be safer and the crime rate would drop precipitously. Leftist mistakenly believe that crime is a function of an inanimate object called a firearm and not the result of those who actually commit it.
     The second stupidest thing that Leftists believe is that when government removes money from the private economy through higher taxes and regulations, the private economy will somehow grow bigger. This special form of addition by subtraction is analogous to removing gasoline from your vehicle's fuel tank and expecting it to go further.
     The third stupidest thing that Leftists believe is that if the United States reduced its military presence and armaments, that evil men around the world would suddenly become good and not want to attack us. The Left seems to think that we have enemies because we have a strong military that is well-equipped, but those things mitigate the presence of enemies and make personal liberty possible.
     The fourth stupidest thing that Leftists believe is that raising taxes, especially in a slow growth economy, will increase revenue to the federal government and that cutting taxes will always cause the opposite effect. History, economic realities and common sense proves that just the opposite is true. Taxes are generated from private sector economic activity, not as Leftists believe, from government allowing those in the private sector to simply keep less of the government's money.
      The fifth stupidest thing that Leftists believe is that by adding the suffix "fetus" to the word "human" it magically transforms a person into nothing more than a malignant growth to be removed and disposed. Leftists fail to see that medically and scientifically a human fetus, if left to develop, will become a fully functioning human being and there is no chance it will become a petunia or a poodle. The fetus, which for all intents and purposes is a baby, has a unique DNA from his mother. So he is not simply just a part of his mother's body, like her arm or leg, but is a unique human life. Leftists also want to change the medical and biological definition of life by saying that a fertilized human egg in the womb does not meet the requirement, which it most certainly does.  
      The sixth stupidest thing that Leftists believe is that poverty creates crime. If this were true, then the crime rate would have been at one of its all time highs during the Great Depression of the 1930s, it actually was at a historic low during that period. This stupid thing that Leftists believe goes hand-in-hand with another stupid thing Leftists believe, i.e., that poverty creates wealth. The Left thinks if they impoverish the wealthy that this action will somehow enrich the poor.
     This list of stupid things that Leftists believe is by no means all inclusive, I'm sure that regular readers of this blog can conceive of many others. It is meant to illustrate that government policies based on emotion and irrational conclusions are not the best way to ensure prosperity and freedom. That is why leftism must be defeated and not simply an ideology with which to be compromised. For how does one compromise with those whose aim it is to destroy the very foundations of personal liberty and the principles and values upon which this great nation was founded?   

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