Monday, May 13, 2013

Where Has The Subservient Government Gone?

     In the latter part of the 18th century, in a land known as North America, subjects of the British Empire who were colonized there, redefined the roles of the government and the governed. They expanded on the idea of the Magna Carta that those who were the governed had rights that must be respected by those who comprised the government. But instead of acknowledging that those rights came from man for man, they sanctified those rights by building a nation on the foundation that they were created by God for man as an essential part of his nature.
     Fast forward to the dawn of the 21st century, when a people who have enjoyed the fruits that are harvested from the orchard of freedom and liberty, have allowed that fruit to rot by employing task masters and rulers instead of public servants. They have seemingly grown tired of their freedom and instead have traded it for the false security that is tyranny. It is time for the liberty-starved to stand up and shout from the hills and the valleys, "Hey President Obama, and other Washington politicians, who have stolen the constitutional power of the people, you work for us! You are not our kings, dictators or even our parents as the ignorant and misguided have intimated. Our wise and insightful forefathers made you subservient to the will of the governed. It is the government's subservient nature which is what makes liberty possible and has made this country the greatest force for good that the world has ever seen."
     Those wise and articulate men who gathered in candle-lit homes, sanctified churches and all manner of meeting halls, would be saddened by the nation of "sheep being led to the slaughter" that we have become. They would acknowledge that their fears of an all-powerful government were well founded. And even though they created a constitution that mitigated those fears and kept them in check for hundreds of years, they have been realized in this time of political correctness over political wisdom. Of government dependence over self sufficiency, of entitlement over the pursuit of happiness and of groveling at the feet of severely flawed men for the rights that a perfect creator has bestowed upon us as our only birthright.
     Where has the subservient government gone? It has been swallowed up by greedy government. A greed that produces nothing of value and devours large chunks of liberty's virtue and reduces free men to slaves. But all is not lost. We, as a free people, must inform all of the wisdom of the forefathers and once again, with the help and guidance of providence, make those in the halls of power submit to the will of the governed. It is the responsibility of each generation to ensure the flame of liberty does not extinguish from the cold wind of tyranny.

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