Monday, May 20, 2013

How To Destroy The Best Health Care In The World

     Ronald Reagan, the fortieth president of the United States of America, once remarked that leftists see something moving and they tax it, if it keeps moving they regulate it and if it stops moving they subsidize it. Nothing could sum up the Lefts destruction of health care over the last 40 years better than this Reaganism. And with the one party imposition, and subsequent implementation of ObamaCare, we are witnessing the latter part of the aforementioned Reagan quote on steroids.
     ObamaCare care would be horrible enough if it were only another big government entitlement program, but its tentacles have greedily groped their way into the very sanctuary of liberty and have sacrificed the American spirit at the alter of freedom using the destructive immorality that is Leftism. Sadly, it is only now after it was rammed through Congress with only Democrat support, been upheld by a politically intimidated Supreme Court and is on its way to gobbling up large chunks of the private economy, that people are beginning to realize the horribly disfiguring disaster ObamaCare is and how it will forever transform, not only the nation's health care industry, but our very way of life.
     An example of the unchecked power given to the Executive branch through the Secretary of Health and Human Services by ObamaCare, was recently illustrated by the current Secretary, Kathleen Sebelious. Amid the many recent revelations of scandalous activities by the Obama administration, Ms. Sebelious' activity to illegally fund implementation of a part of the new law which Congress specifically excluded from funding, was hardly noticed by anyone. Congress refused to fund the hiring of 10s of thousands of new federal employees to promote ObamaCare across the country while at the same time signing up participants as Democrat voters. So, in violation of federal law, Secretary Sebelious "solicited" funds for this purpose from businesses in the health care industry, which she regulates. This is just one example of the virtually unlimited can of worms ObamaCare opens with its many hooks for such practices with the phrase, "as the Secretary shall determine."
     In addition to realizing that the rationing of health care, long waits for medical tests and procedures and budget-busting premiums for insurance are now going to be the norm for a once free people with the best health care in the world, the American people are beginning to realize the crushing new taxes that ObamaCare imposes. Just about every financial transaction made by the American people will require a tribute be paid to the federal government for its gracious management of the citizens' health care. Privately held retirement accounts require a 3.8 percent pizzo (protection money paid by businesses to the Italian Mafia) as do all real estate transactions. And the ObamaCare taxes are virtually unlimited. And most are coming straight from the hides of middle-class Americans, the group that President Obama promised would not see any increase in their taxes. Just one in a gaggle of promises broken by this president to the American people he took an oath to serve.


  1. Worse yet, the Govt. has exempted many Americans from the legislation. Of course Government employees are exempt, as are Muslims, Unions and Amish. What is left? Many Christians and Jews. How's that for one Nation with equal application of the law for all? There ought to be more outrage over this travesty.

    1. There should have been more outrage when candidate Obama told Joe "The Plumber" he should not be opposed to spreading the wealth around.